The harmful impact of alcohol on society

Statistics show clubs of alcoholics anonymous, inevitably, the growth rates of consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Free sale of alcoholic beverages makes you wonder why not conducted properly control the outlets selling alcoholic beverages juvenile population.

Countless accidents, injuries, committing teen crime occurs under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol carries a deadly disease and total degradation the working age population. However, despite such a heavy consequences of drinking, consumption growth production is growing, and the age of users is getting younger. Alcohol causes not only adults, and Teens.

Often, alcohol-dependent people suffer their families children grow. Alcohol-dependent persons provoke quarrels and fights in family life. Crippled children's destinies are the consequence parents led an immoral life.

Accidents under the influence of alcohol industry has a large percentage accidents that lead to fatal consequences.

The slow destruction of the body, and the complete degradation of the personality carries himself alcohol dependence. Chronic alcoholics are sick people, but they do not think your condition is serious. This category population calls himself a "drink". Irreversible changes in brain activity and destruction of internal organs is not always possible be treated with medication. There is a significant changes in the physical appearance of a person who abuse alcohol. Alcoholic very easy to distinguish in the crowd among normal people.

Scientists have conducted some research and have found that chronic alcoholics, suffering from alcohol dependence is born sick generation, which carries predisposition to alcohol, drugs, incurable mental disorders and which, in turn, gives rise to new sick a generation.

There is an erroneous opinion that the harm from alcohol minor, in which contains minimal amounts of alcohol. This is not true. Getting used to alcoholic drinks are faster and the use of it higher than normal because of insufficient quantity of alcohol in the drink. The consequences of low-alcohol products can be even more dismal than from traditional drinks. The most unprotected category of children are. Not strong child's body is not able to resist, so as an adult. If the family has drinkers parents, the child with time can learn from addiction and consider it normal behavior.

Each individual organism in terms of making the alcohol. Wonderful, what most people alcohol does not cause addiction, which is destructive action. In General, humanity must become aware of the whole harmful dangers of alcohol and try to protect their loved ones and children from negative influence.