Tents - a special shelter from fabric, used for temporary accommodation outside the settlements of people, medical institutions, workshops, warehouses and others
Tents, depending on purpose are of differing designs and sizes. Usually tents consist of nametami (of the cloth), rigging and set the property for storage and installation of tents.
The nametami - soft part of the tent are made of linen canvas, special tent fabric or artificial materials. External nametami impregnated with various substances, giving tissue water-repellent properties and newsgreece. Inner coat is made from white or salad green coarse calico. In the cold season between the outer and inner nametami strapped wall-insulation of stories or flannel.

tent MOUTH-56
Fig. 1. Tent MOUTH-56.
tent CSS-56
Fig. 2. Tent CSS-56.

Tent camping and sports-tourist types (small size) usually have one layer of fabric. Rigging - hard part of tent - consists of prefabricated frame (posts, stakes, rope marks). By construction, rigging there are frame tents and mast.
The kit tents includes Windows, furnace, the metal shields for chimneys, sledge hammers for driving stakes, boxes and cases for storing nametami and rigging.
To deploy honey. institutions in the field most widely used are universal sanitary tent MOUTH-56 (Fig. 1) and universal sanitary barrack tent CSS-56 (Fig. 2). Their main characteristics are given in table. 1.

Name tents Inner dimensions, m Floor area, m2 Volume, m3 Number of Windows Set weight, kg
9,6X6, 1
These tents have hipped roof and vertical walls (height of 1.75 m) with Windows in the side walls. For entry and exit in the end walls of the tent are tambours are fastened fabric curtains. Thanks to lots of tents is possible to join together, which is typically used when deploying the surgical dressing blocks. As sex is better to apply wooden shields sizes of 1,2X2,4 m, with a thickness of boards 20 - 25 mm For tents MOUTH-56 requires 8 shields, for CSS-56 - 20 shields.
Norms capacity tents are presented in table. 2
Name tents Number of seats
on the floor (bunks) on stretchers the beds hospital folding On machines, three-tier sextuple
In the tent of MOUTH-56 post surgery, preoperative, predpriyatiy, laboratory, pharmacy and other functional units. For deployment of receiving and sorting, dressing, emergency departments field of medical institutions, such as a hospital, medical battalion, the most comfortable tents CSS-56.
Installation and dismantling of the tent require certain skills. In the summer of expanding and collapsing tents MOUTH-56 forces five people takes 15-20 minutes, tents CSS-56 forces 7 people - 20-25 minutes in Winter these are fulfiled.
You must observe the rules of care for nametami and rigging, timely eliminate their damage. Before storage tents should be dried thoroughly tissue part, to paint the poles, stakes, Windows and metal grease neutral fat.