Chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis is more common than acute. In the etiology of chronic pancreatitis play a role is the same factors as in acute pancreatitis. In addition, chronic pancreatitis may be a consequence of acute pancreatitis. Secondary pancreatitis may develop at any lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.
Pathogenesis of chronic pancreatitis has much in common with acute pancreatitis. Predisposing factor for the development of chronic pancreatitis is stagnation secret, most often caused by infectious defeat of the pancreatic ducts.
Postmortem may be limited (head, body, tail) or diffuse inflammation of the pancreas.
Clinical paintings and different variety. Complaints of chronic pancreatitis are the same as for other chronic gastrointestinal diseases. The main symptom is pain localized in the upper abdomen on the left, sometimes shingles character. Pain can be constant or can occur pristupoobrazna. Attacks of pain with the appropriate irradiation in chronic pancreatitis can simulate attacks of angina or renal colic. Pain may be accompanied dyspeptic phenomena: poor appetite, nausea, belching, vomiting. Diarrhea is not mandatory feature of chronic pancreatitis. Characterized by insufficient digestion of fat and muscle fibers (see Cal). Sometimes there is a change in the content of enzymes of blood and urine, especially in the periods of exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis. In some cases, chronic pancreatitis may be the cause of diabetes. In patients with chronic pancreatitis is often find enlarged liver and functional disorders. The main research methods are of little help in the detection of disease.
Chronic pancreatitis should be differentiated from a chronic cholecystitis, gastric ulcer, cancer of the pancreas. In favor of chronic pancreatitis say the following characteristics: 1) the radiation of pain to the left and above the navel, 2) pain in the area of the projection of the pancreas, 3) high level diastase in newly urine, 4) change in the functional samples of the pancreas.
Prevention is the timely treatment of diseases, which play an etiologic role in the defeat of the pancreas.
Treatment during the acute - see treatment of acute pancreatitis. In the future - a diet with a high content of protein (140 - 150 g), restriction of fat and carbohydrates. Large doses of Pancreatin (from 4 to 25 g a day).