Pannus is superficial diffuse inflammation of the cornea. Develops at trachoma (see), Flickerless the keratoconjunctivitis and degeneration of the cornea (see Keratitis). According to the degree of the cornea and the number of vessels distinguish pannus thin, vascular and thick, fleshy. In Exodus pannus remain cornea, and visual acuity is reduced. Treatment of pannus depends on the cause, it caused.

Pannus (from lat. pannus - cloth flap) - damage to the limb and the cornea, resulting from local chronic inflammatory process. Under the epithelium of the cornea appears strongly vascularizatia lymphoid infiltration, gradually moving from limb to the center of the cornea.
Most often P. observed with trachoma, In these cases vascularity infiltration is replaced with scar tissue, which leads to significant reduction of vision. Most often with trachoma is developing a massive meaty P. In another form of pannus transparency of the cornea initially little disturbed (thin Isthmus). When a particularly strong development of newly formed vessels occurs vascular P. Trahaetsy P. regarded as a direct result of the transition process in the cornea tissue, however, plays the role and the constant irritation of the cornea in friction twisted and thickened for centuries. Pannus occurs and when tuberculosis allergic keratoconjunctivitis in children, but is never so massive as with trachoma, and not necessarily begins with the upper limb.
Treatment consists mainly of energetic therapy of the main disease. When trachomatis the pannus showing surgery.