Anophthalmic is acute purulent inflammation of all membranes of eyes. Occurs as a result of introduction of infection in penetrating injuries eyeball or hematogenous drift of an infection in the tissue of the eye in septic and common infectious diseases. When anophthalmia there was a sharp pain in the eye, severe inflammation of the eye : swelling and redness of the skin, redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, cornea, pus in the anterior chamber. In severe cases appears exophthalmos, affect the mobility of the eyeball, plummeting visual functions. Anophthalmic accompanied by chills, fever, vomiting.
Treatment in a hospital, preferably specialized. Prescribe antibiotics intramuscularly, under the conjunctiva of the eyes or retrobulbarno (posterior to the eyeball). In the absence of effective treatment for severe cases of panophthalmitis shows Eviscerate eyes (see).

Anophthalmic (panophthalmitis; from the Greek. pan - whole and ophthalmos - eye) - purulent inflammation of all tissues and membranes of the eyeball. The reason P. most often infected wounds eyeball. Less P. arises endogenously as a consequence of metastatic OFTAL, acute purulent inflammation in orbit or in sinuses. Pathogens P. most often pneumococci, staphylococci, streptococci. In acute anophthalmia experiencing a sharp pain in the eye, can be observed phenomena of intoxication, chills, fever, vomiting. When viewed note swelling of the eyelids, exophthalmos, impaired mobility of the eyes, sharp injection vessels conjunctival edema, hypopyon. When covering the pupil from the depth of the eyes visible characteristic yellowish reflex. The disease usually ends atrophy eyes.
Treatment: the use of large doses of sulfonamides locally and inside, the introduction of antibiotics intramuscularly retrobulbarno subkonyunktivalno, and with traumatic anophthalmia and intraoculara, local symptomatic therapy. In severe cases P., stubbornly not amenable to therapy, shows Essentiale eyeball. Cm. also Endophthalmitis.