Boarding house

The boarding house is an institution for relaxation. Tickets to a boarding house are provided to workers free of charge or discounted at the expense of the social insurance. In the resort you can relax with the family (Pets cohabitation adults with children). The boarding house has a dining room, a club, a cinema hall, facilities for doing sports, first-aid post. The boarding house is located on climate, including Primorsko, resorts, as well as in areas with favorable climatic and landscape conditions, mainly near lakes, rivers and artificial reservoirs in the suburban zones of rest. On balneology and mud cure resorts resorts are designed for patients treated at the resort polyclinic. Large complexes well-appointed guest houses are available in the resorts of the black sea coast of the Caucasus and Crimea (Pitsunda, Adler, Yalta and others), in Moscow (on the Klyazma, Pirogov and other reservoirs), Leningrad (on the Gulf of Finland) and close to other major cities and industrial centers.