Paracusis Willisii

Paracusis Willisii (from the Greek. parakousis - hearing damage - the phenomenon better hearing in patients suffering from sudden hearing loss in the periods when they are in the conditions of external noise and concussion (street noise, the noise of cars in production, riding on the uneven pavement, in the cars moving train, and so on). This phenomenon has received the name on behalf of his first described in the 17th century English physician and anatomist Willise. Consider that improvement of earshot when an external noise is due to concussion, calling improving the mobility of the auditory ossicles. This creates the best conditions for the further conduct and perception of sound. Specially experimental studies hearing for different patients in a quiet environment and in the conditions of noise and vibration showed that the phenomenon Paracusis Willisii is specific to otosclerosis (see) and can be used for differential diagnosis.