Paraffin treatment

Paraffin has some peculiarities. Paraffin has high thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity, which allows to use the application at temperatures 43-45°N In paraffin does not contain chemicals, which penetrates into the body, the more pronounced the compression effect. Use the same techniques overlay that when therapy, salt therapy room.
Indications and contraindications are the same as for the wax.

Paraffin treatment - application of liquid paraffin with the medical purpose, a kind of heat treatment. First heated paraffin began to apply in France in the late 19th century, first of cosmetic purpose-to improve the structure of the skin, removing scars, wrinkles, excess fat, and then and with the purpose of treatment for traumatic injuries of joints. Especially widespread paraffin in the years of the great Patriotic war. To apply paraffin white medical paraffin (see). It is heated in a water bath, as by direct heating it burns. There are special profinansirovali various capacities with a fire or electric heating. Heating is performed in a fume hood. The temperature when heating lead up to 100 degrees and support 10-15 minutes in order to sterilize and dehydration. For faster heating of paraffin layer of water in a water bath should pour a layer of oil (machine or wisconsinbingo) thickness of 3-4 see
Use the following methods of therapy:
a) layering, when melted paraffin flat brush repeatedly applied in several layers to be prefinancing part of the body (Fig. 1). The temperature of the first layers of 50-55°, subsequent 60-65 degrees layer thickness not less than 1 see Greased paraffin part of the body is covered with oilcloth, and on top of blanket or coat;
b) sulfitno-cell animation technique in which the underlying impact area of the body to cause paraffin, as with the previous method, and top impose sewn in 8-10 layers of gauze napkins impregnated with paraffin (temperature 60-65 degrees) and pressed, then this part of the body is covered with oilcloth and coat or blanket;
in) immersion, or the way paraffin baths, in which part of the body coated with paraffin (temperature 50 to 55 degrees), is dipped in wooden trays filled with melted paraffin with temperature 60-65 C; g) cuvette-applique way in which molten wax is poured into the cell (or pans) depth of 4-5 cm layer of not less than 1-2 cm Frozen, but still soft paraffin wax is removed from the cell (Fig. 2) and imposes be exposed part of the body. The willingness of applications determined with a slight touch of his hands on the surface of the contents of the cell; if from under the hand is not liquid paraffin, application ready, it is easily separated from the cell and superimposed on the body (Fig. 3). This method is most convenient for mass application of paraffin, as it requires less time, and the contents of the cell may be imposed on any area of the body. In Tolstoy layer applique not cools down for several hours.
Before applying wax abundantly growing hair on the skin is removed and the skin lubricated with vaseline to prevent sticking remaining hair to cooling the wax.
Procedures continue 30-60 minutes; conduct them in a day or every day
(treatment of joints use both upper and lower limbs); in the course of treatment 15 to 20 procedures. After the procedure the patient takes a rest 30-40 minutes
When parafinalia wounds, ulcers, burns of the sterilized paraffin wax is applied to the lesion using a special spray (Fig. 4), covering by paraffin and areas of healthy tissue at the distance of 2-3 cm from the fire. On top of melted paraffin lay on the gauze napkins impregnated with paraffin, or the contents of the cell. The temperature of the paraffin in the spray 70-80 degrees, the duration
procedures 30-60 minutes; sometimes impose and long-term bandage (for 2 - 3 days).
In gynecological and urological practice using tampons, paraffin as impregnated with paraffin gauze or enter heated paraffin in the amount of 100-200 g a special syringe into the vagina or the rectum (the temperature of paraffin 60-70 degrees). Paraffin in the vagina leave for 5-6 hours, in the rectum 30-60 minutes Procedure combine with applique on "trustikovo" zone. Conduct procedures a day; in the course of 10-15 procedures.
In cosmetic practice sterilized paraffin wax is applied with a cotton swab (individual for each person to person in several layers in the form of paraffin mask (mouth, eyes and nose holes paraffin do not cover). If the skin is dry, her cuticles pre lanolin; oily skin wipe Cologne or alcohol. The procedure duration is 15-20 minutes, and in the treatment of scars, paresis and paralyses 30 - 60 minutes of the Procedures performed daily or every other day; in the course of treatment 15 to 20 procedures.
Upon completion of the procedures paraffin easily removed from the skin. The skin under paraffin bandage is heated to a temperature 39-41 C; the temperature persisted long; there are significant hyperemia, expand skin capillaries, acceleration of blood flow, excessive sweating (which in turn influences the strengthening of different types of metabolism), increases tissue permeability, activating the regenerative and reparative processes, strengthening of the phagocytic function of the components of the connective tissue. Extensive applications cause noticeable changes in the body: there is increased heart rate and respiration.
The main influence of paraffin applications thermal; in its properties as a transmitter of heat to the body paraffin has no equal. A special property of paraffin - compression (cooling down, change the volume, and press into the body area being paraffin layer) is most evident in the method of layering. Chemical properties of paraffin special unimportant.
Testimony: destruction of the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, meniscus, fresh wounds and sluggish granulating wounds and ulcers, fractures fresh and sluggish consolidating; hematoma, contractures and fibrous ankylosis; osteomyelitis; pneumonia and the consequences of pneumonia (especially in children), pleurisy, bronchitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis; hypertensive disease stage I [phase A - paraffin impose on hands ("mittens") and foot (boots)]; endarteriit - primary form (paraffin wax on the area of the lumbar sympathetic nodes); Raynaud's disease ( region cervical sympathetic nodes); effects of phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins; saying disease stomach and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, colitis (especially with a tendency to adhesive disease), peritoneal commissures, postoperative infiltrates; parenchymatous hepatitis (not earlier than in 8-10 days from the onset of the disease), chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, acute poliomyelitis, consequences of poliomyelitis, neuritis, polyneuritis - radiculitis, plexitis, neuralgia, consequences of injuries to spinal cord and peripheral nervous system; chronic and acute inflammatory processes in male and female sexual sphere, hypofunction of the ovaries, colpitis ( including Trichomonas), erosion of the cervix (swabs); epididimita, prostatitis (rectal tampons); eczema, red flat herpes, psoriasis, alopecia baldness, leprosy skin infections; acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, basinwide; injury of the eye orbits and eyes, burns century.
Contraindications: tumors; active tuberculosis, acute inflammatory processes, blood circulation insufficiency of the II and III degree; coronary failure, myocardial infarction in history; chronic kidney disease with symptoms of kidney failure.

Fig. 1. Layering paraffin brush
Fig. 2. Removing the contents of the cell.
Fig. 3. Application of paraffin hand.
Fig. 4. Spraying wax spray.