Peripheral paralysis

Peripheral paralysis also called flaccid paralysis, because they are characterized by a lowering of the tone of muscles (hypotonia), loss of tendon reflexes, muscle atrophy. The latter depends not only on the lack of movement, but also from loss of trophic impulses from the Central nervous system.
In peripheral paralysis come qualitative changes of elektrovozoremontnij muscles (see the electric diagnostics), are innervated by the relevant elements of the nervous system. There is so-called reaction of rebirth. Sign palsy is caused by damage to the cells of the front horns spinal cord, are fibrillar twitching. They capture the individual fibers atrophied muscles and do not cause musculoskeletal effect. Fibrillar jerking worse with mechanical and electrical stimulation. Peripheral nerves in most mixed, i.e. contain motor and sensory fibers, so when they defeated pain and sensory impairment.