Social-hygienic parameters of age health

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During these surveys, it is important to understand the different sides of a personality. However, a map of the survey should be short and informative. To this end we have developed a map for the study of physiological and production peculiarities of the person. The proposed map allowed in the process of studying the health of mental workers of various professions and ages to map psychophysiological indicators of the employee received objective methods (instrumental and test), with the production and its characteristics and features. For the evaluation used a four-point system.
The map includes 17 issues, reflecting psychophysiological, production and psychological and production characteristics. Some issues are intertwined, therefore, adopted by the grouping is conditional. The name of the person to whom it is filled, encrypted, which allows to obtain a more objective answers. In addition, you specify the year of birth and position. The following 15 questions maps cover various aspects of human activity and characteristics of its individual qualities. In the analysis of survey and these issues are United into 3 groups.
In the first group includes the questions, allowing to understand the basic psychophysiological features of the studied. It is established that psychophysiological characteristics, such as rapid restructuring in the work that characterize the mobility of nervous processes, long-term memory, fatigue, etc. vary depending on the position and age. The average evaluation scores for this group of questions grows as posts. The mobility of nervous processes and long-term memory in the pension group of heads and chief specialists are at high enough level.
Group II includes reflecting the psychological characteristics associated with operations and different traits. This production and psychological symptoms, which are characterized by the following issues: sociability and ability to work in a team, ability to organize and rational use of working time, the ability to hold back in adverse situations and misunderstandings at work, punctuality, organizational skills, etc. These characteristics depend on the individual characteristics of neurophysiological functions and largely determined by education, employment throughout working activities, contacts, respect others people at work and at home, and many other aspects of social character.
Average estimates of these features in more determined his position than age. The group leaders, engineers and senior specialists of 20-40 years of assessment of these characteristics, the most high, and among the chiefs and their deputies the highest scores obtained in patients older than 40 years. The lowest estimate the production and psychological characteristics characteristic DL" group of engineers and senior engineers that depends on gradual transition of the most capable engineers with high production and psychological characteristics of this group in the management team. Some of the increase in estimates in this job group was observed at the 60-64-year, due to the transition in the early retirement age of the individual, the least healthy persons from groups of managers, top specialists and heads for retirement or a group of senior engineers. The head of the retirement age marked the highest assessment of the production and psychological characteristics.