Paranoid syndrome

Paranoid syndrome. His clinical picture limited systematic delusions of different interpretation of contents (delusions of the invention, persecution, jealousy, love delirium, satiny, hypochondriac and others). This delusional syndrome inherent slow development with a gradual expansion of the storyline Breda; eventually formed a complicated system of deductions up to the development in individual cases crazy world. Note resistance content Breda, the complexity of the evidence with insane interpretation of the smallest details. Hallucinations and phenomena of psychic automatism missing. The behavior of patients with the development of the syndrome is more and more determined by crazy (crazy activity); it is extremely thoroughness, lost the flexibility of thinking dominates preposterous content, all the facts and events that contradict the delusional concepts, rejected or, in turn, are delusional interpretation. Relationships with others also become distorted, delusional character (friends are enemies). Emotional reactions are concentrated around the delusional system with their separated from all other events. The mood of patients are often somewhat elated, however, periodically becomes angry-tense, and then patients can make socially dangerous actions. Slow development paranoid syndrome, mainly interpretative nature of Breda with detailed logical development, the use of patients in their argumentation real facts often hamper the early detection of the disease. However, in themselves logical constructs the patient is able to detect signs of "curve logic".
Paranoid syndrome almost completely expresses the clinical picture of paranoia, is often observed in paranoid schizophrenia as a stage of its development (paranoid schizophrenia), rarely found in other mental illnesses (organic brain damage, alcoholic delirium of jealousy and others). This syndrome may manifest as BDD (delirium physical disability), when patients are convinced about the ugliness of his body, its parts, or in violation of its functions.