What is called parapsychology?

Phenomena that were discussed in the two previous chapters, refer to the true facts, to a certain extent already solved by science but containing in itself, of course, many new, and even the risen questions. There are, however, still a vast range of phenomena that remain mysterious, enigmatic. Parapsychology in the broad sense of the word and name for the field of study that deals with the mysterious now phenomena of our psyche.
As a strict science is still unable to these phenomena to cope, area studies dealing with them, was named with the prefix "para" (Greek part of compound word, which means being close and deviation, violation of something).
In private, the more narrow sense of the word to parapsychology are those of the mysterious phenomena that can be called the psychic and extramaterial. They reflect either the transmission and reception of information for as yet unknown channels, or the energy transfer in the equally mysterious ways. So, actually parapsychology includes information and energy aspects and studies the phenomena that can be described as a manifestation insensitive perception (psychic) and vnimatelnogo impact on surrounding objects (Extromatica).
We consider the ten phenomena, of which the first five are related to information, the next three - energy phenomena parapsychology, and the last two go beyond a narrow understanding of parapsychology and refer simply to the mysterious phenomena of our psyche, i.e. covered by the notion of parapsychology in a wide meaning of this word.
In parapsychology our days all controversial - and theoretical explanation of its phenomena, and the very existence of most of these phenomena. There are hot her supporters, but even more, not less hot opponents.