Paraaminosalicylic sodium

Paraaminosalicylic sodium (Natrium paraaminosalicylicum; synonym PAS) - TB drug. Assign inwards in the form of powder, granules or tablets 3-4 g 3 times a day. Total dose for a course of treatment 600-1000, In the application of the PAS, there may be allergic reactions, vomiting, shortness of breath, bloating, nausea, vomiting, the liver and kidneys, lakopenia, anaemia, zabojnyj effect. Method of production: powder and tablets for 1, Keep in dark place.
A solution of sodium paraaminosalicylic 3% for injection (Solutio Natrii paraaminosalicylici pro injectionibus 3%) are used for intravenous injections. Release form: bottles containing 250 and 500 ml Cm. also anti-Tuberculosis drugs.

Paraaminosalicylic sodium (PASK, Natrium paraaminosalicylicum) - tuberculosis drug, 4-amino-2-oxybenzoyl sodium. Applied inside 2-4 g 4 times a day within 30-60 minutes after a meal. Enter intravenous drip method (for 5 hours. 500 ml 3-4% solution) and in the pleural cavity (20-40 ml 5-10% solution). Heading dose to 600-1000, When adverse events (dermatitis, diarrhoea phenomenon, kidney function with increasing amounts of protein in the urine of more than 1 PPT) dose P. reduce or stop treatment. Contraindicated in bad portability. Method of production: powder and tablets for 1 year
Cm. also anti-Tuberculosis drugs.