Pastos - nerezko expressed swelling of the skin. When pastoznost marked blanching and reduction of skin elasticity, at a palpation felt testovatoj. To identify pastoznost you can use the sample McClure - Aldrich. The essence of this test is that blister formed from intradermal izotoniceski solution of sodium chloride, is absorbed faster than vyrajenie swelling. Time of resorption blister, corresponding in healthy adults about 60 minutes, when pastoznost shortened.
Cm. also Edema.

Pastos (from lat. pasta - dough) - pathological condition tissue, primarily the skin and subcutaneous tissue, accompanied by blanching and a decrease in the elasticity; palpation felt testovatoj (prodtechnol), but explicit edema yet.
Pathogenesis pastoznost and oedema (see) is similar in many respects. Have the value of the nervous and endocrine effects, changes in metabolism (especially protein and fat), violations of hydrostatic pressure in the capillaries, colloid-osmotic pressure of blood, lymph and turgor of tissues, a high permeability of membranes and surface layers of the cell membranes. In the perversion of tissue chemistry (changing the reaction pH of electrolytes, and so on) are violated peripheral filtration-osteoclast mechanism of water exchange, lymph circulation in the skin and related tissue and tissue fluid if this is delayed, swell tissue elements, first of all connective tissue and muscles.
To identify pastoznost use the sample, indicating increased hydrophily tissues (see McClure - Aldrich test).
As predation state pastoznost found in cardiac or renal pathology, infectious and toxic diseases, inflammatory and allergic conditions, malignant tumors and endocrinopathy (myxedema, diabetes insipidus, pituitary, obesity), physiological conditions associated with hormonal changes (pregnancy, menstruation). P. observed with long-term nutritional disorder associated with hypovitaminosis (B1, C), protein starvation (for example, with dysentery), or irrational unilateral power in carbohydrates with a high salt intake.
In children P. occurs more often than in adults; it can occur in newborns, infants dystrophy, and when the anomalies of the Constitution: lymphatic, exudative diathesis, anemia, with the introduction of significant quantities of salt rehydration solutions in toxicosis, accompanied exicosis.