Pathology of pregnancy

In the pathology of the reproductive organs (malformations, tumors, inflammation) often there are deviations from normal pregnancy. When infantilism and development abnormalities of the reproductive organs, if pregnancy occurs, it may cause miscarriages or premature delivery. Uterine fibroid during pregnancy possible tumour necrosis (which requires surgery), miscarriage, detachment of the placenta. When erosion of cervix of the uterus during pregnancy may experience bleeding, simulating menstruation. Inspection in the mirror can make a diagnosis. If pregnancy aggravates the course of inflammatory processes, shows the treatment, depending on the nature of the process.
Pregnancy may be complicated at the wrong position of the uterus. The most severe complication in these cases, the infringement of the gravid uterus. There may be pain in the lower abdomen, difficulty urinating, flatulence, irritation symptoms of peritoneal, swelling of the vulva and cervix. A woman in such state should be immediately sent to the hospital for appropriate treatment (removal of disadvantaged uterus, and in case of failure - chrevosechenie).
Toxicosis of pregnancy - see Dropsy pregnant, Nephropathy pregnant, Vomiting, toxemia of pregnancy, Eclampsia.
Various common diseases (diabetes, heart disease and others) can affect the course of pregnancy. In turn, the pregnancy may exacerbate symptoms of these diseases. The question about the possibility of preservation of pregnancy in each case is decided after consultation with the appropriate medical specialist.
Especially complicate pregnancy cardiovascular disease. The question about the continuation of pregnancy in these diseases is solved by a doctor obstetrician-gynecologist in conjunction with the therapist. The midwife should conduct active patronage mandatory; the frequency of patronage is determined by the state pregnant. The midwife is obliged to inform the doctor if the deterioration of the pregnant woman. Indications for abortion - see Abortion.
For certain diseases in pregnancy - see articles on diseases.
Overdue pregnancy - pregnancy, continuing in the living fetus more than 41 weeks. Occurs, according to various authors, 2-8%.
In most cases in advanced pregnancy increase the weight of the fetus (up to 4 kg and more), its growth (may exceed the usual 3-4 cm and more) and head volume; her bones become denser. In childbirth often complications early discharge waters, the weakness of labor activity, bleeding). The main danger advanced pregnancy death of the fetus before birth or during childbirth.
Recognition advanced pregnancy is based on the totality of symptoms: a birth not begin at the expected time, decreases abdominal circumference (10 cm and more), impaired cardiac function fetus (muted tones, arrhythmia). When establishing a (suspected) advanced pregnancy needed hospitalization of pregnant women. In stationary conditions can be applied anoscope and other methods of determining the status of the foetus. When peremeshivanie more than two weeks in a nursing home use different methods of stimulation generic activities.