The liver is the mother of the heart

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Ancient healers did not wear white robes. They wrapped in skins or limited thigh bandages, hunted and cultivated the land, as all of their compatriots. But if they wanted to help the afflicted, then inevitably had to answer difficult questions: what hurts, and why?
Modern medicine, which serve chemistry, physics, mathematics, electronics, Cybernetics, still cannot establish cause and the origin of some diseases.
Needless to blame ancient people that their medical practice they put in dependence on the will of the spirits, titans of the gods? These supernatural beings were born by the will of man fantasy. They received from people in the gift of what they had themselves: power over nature and society. The gods could manage all the phenomena of the surrounding world, to restore justice in relations between people.
And again, the gods knew the secrets of diseases and the power of drugs. They were considered to be healers. It is this ability that gave them a special power.
ISIS, the most important of goddesses of Ancient Egypt, the patroness of fertility, symbolized life and health.
AsclepiusWidely revered in Greece Apollo, the protector of travelers, seafarers, a sun God and a warrior God, defender of art, was also a healer.
His son Asclepius had a more limited responsibilities: he patronized the doctors and treated himself.
Asclepius was healing all diseases, even the most hopeless. His art has risen to such heights that he dared to raise the dead, breaking these rules, instituted on the ground of the heavenly ruler of Zeus. When daring news reached the ears of Zeus the Thunderer, he defeated the enemy by lightning.
But the grateful people have not forgotten son of Apollo. They built magnificent sanctuary in which honored the memory of God the healer. The priests of these temples were considered among the Greeks, the most knowledgeable practitioners.
And not only among the Greeks. All ancient peoples of Ministers of the gods embodied knowledge, entrusted to them by their heavenly rulers.
This knowledge and lessons of the priests was surrounded by a veil of mystery. And superstitious people with anxiety refers to those who were guided by the secrets and thoughts of the gods.
Meanwhile, people got the fire. They have learnt to work with metals. They tamed the wild bull, harnessed him to the yoke. They invented the wheel, made a cart, made the horse patiently to pull it behind him. People built a ship and went out to sea. To ship ran faster, set sails. They sought protection from diseases. In ancient India, it was known to seven hundred of medicines, and in ancient China and even more. Ancient Chinese medicine has studied about five hundred diseases.
Do not forget to look on the heavens, repeating the words of the spell, ancient Egyptian doctors were keen observers. In their practice includes such methods of patient examination, as inspection, feeling, listening. Change the shape, color, position the outer parts of the body, skin, hair, nails already much spoken Egyptian doctor on the patient, on the process of development of his ailment. The doctor's hand was determined the boundaries of the tumor, the ear could hear him wheezing in the chest, eyes discerned the many shades of inflammatory processes.
All these people were doing themselves. However, their luck they ascribed to the mercy of God, evil and disease - their anger. So the first scientific concepts in medicine, naive! vague and sometimes fantastic, were godless, because the causes of diseases, the people seen in the features of the human organism itself.
Ancient doctors could give accurate name of a disease, preserved to this day, to describe it correctly external signs, but they knew not the main thing - how does the human body, as are his internal organs.
The interest to what is hiding behind the skin of a person, under the animal's hair, woke up very early. But sooner entered into force religious ban on the dismemberment of the dead body.