The children's doctor

Extremely interesting and immensely difficult to tell, what are you doing now child's doctor.
Here's a common situation. In the family got sick a little child. Lies hot, moaning all the time trying to roll over on one, on the other side. What to do?
...In the city or large village of parents in the excitement grab the phone, require "03". Arrive by ambulance.
In the village are running for district medical doctor or a medical assistant.
In a remote cabin in urgent cases even a helicopter flies...
And what is most often hurts today baby? Again in two words will not respond. So I'll try to start again with the history...
I already talked about that before you formed, Pediatrics has passed a difficult way. In its creation took active participation of many talented Russian researchers. Particularly significant were the achievements of the Soviet system of health and Pediatrics in the fight against child mortality. For works in this area academicians , N. Speransky, Yu. F. Dombrovskaya, A. F. Round were awarded the Lenin prize in 1970 Historical note: infant mortality has decreased in our country compared with the pre-revolutionary period by 10 times. Developing various problems, our scientists are clearly aware that Pediatrics - a complex discipline and not to accept her narrowly.
They thought Pediatrics "this is all medicine shifted in childhood age. That is all that is interesting and relevant in medicine, must be reviewed and evaluated in pediatric plan. It turned out that many of the disease, sometimes hard place in adults, for example, rheumatism, bronchial asthma, chronic kidney damage, etc. begin in childhood. In children, as it turned out, there is such a disease that do not occur in adults (e.g., rickets, exudative diathesis, hemolytic disease of newborns, and others).
With the development of many Sciences - mathematics, physics, chemistry, genetics became eligible to say, Pediatrics for its establishment is interested in application of the achievements of all areas of human knowledge, and it means all that interesting appears in different areas may have to be reviewed and applied in Pediatrics. Today has changed dramatically and the very Pediatrics. It stood out specialized directions. There are doctors who are treating newborns in maternity hospitals, and also in special departments of pathology of newborns (full-term and premature children. Pediatric clinics and hospitals employs pediatricians, the care which is to prevent disease and to treat children from birth to 14 years. But in the "bowels" of Pediatrics began to stand out specialized directions. For example, pediatric pulmonology - the treatment and prevention of diseases of the lungs. Open special pulmonology departments in hospitals, pulmonological sanatorium.
Children suffering from heart diseases, are treated in a special cardiology departments. Recently in our country the network of cardiological clinics. Young patients who have certain negative changes in blood, treated specialists-hematologists, offices for children with kidney diseases, gastrointestinal tract.
In addition, emerged and developed as an independent areas such as children's surgery, children neuropathology, paediatric ophthalmology, baby otorinolaringologie.
The problem of children's infections always interested pediatricians its high prevalence and high mortality. Children with infectious diseases today are under surveillance in special hospitals - infectious. Treat their children infectionists. They are also assigned a big deal for the prevention of infectious diseases - vaccines. This complex science with many areas is a modern Pediatrics.
20 November 1980, held a Joint General meeting of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR, which in its decision "On further development of fundamental research for medicine" has put forward a number of provisions of direct relevance to Pediatrics. In particular, it concerns introduction in Pediatrics achievements of molecular biology and genetics, physical, biochemical and immunological principles of functioning of human body, chemical technology, physical-technical and mathematical Sciences.
But before you start the story about, what is the influence of Pediatrics success in various fields of modern knowledge, want to talk about the main thing. Initially doubted, whether to speak about it - because you, my readers, today sit at a school Desk and not every one of you will go in Pediatrics. But it is today. And after a few years you will become parents, bear a heavy responsibility to society for what will increase your kids. So, I just have to talk about the main thing.