Lice (pediculosis)

Human parasites three types of lice: head, body and pubic.
Head lice are different dark spots on the sides of your body, they brownish the blacks have a yellow color in people with yellow skin, white - greyish. The head louse is a parasite on the hair mainly in children, untidy women, rarely on his beard and scalp in men. Female within two months may delay of about 8000 nits that are firmly attached to the hair with the help of chitin substances.
Lice their bites cause permanent severe itching. From scratching, excoriation and accessions secondary infection is formed pustular rash, sometimes weeping and abscesses.
Depending on individual sensitivity of the body itch is the powerful, small and sometimes, despite the presence of parasites, nonexistent.
Sometimes because of the large number of parasites, heavy scratching, the accession of secondary infection, dust, dirt, dandruff hair starts to stick together, lose their normal Shine, formed issuing a sickening smell molokoobrazovania weight, covered with lice, parasites, crusts. Such education is called Koltun. Of course, thanks to improving the living conditions, livelihoods and culture of the population mats are now extremely rare. If sensiblenatty scalp sometimes become inflamed and swollen neck and occipital lymph nodes. They become painful skin surrounding areas BTE folds also inflamed.
Treatment. For delousing scalp should be cut or to shave off the hair. In women, however the hair can be saved, moistening them with xylene mixed with any vegetable oil or kerosene oil equal amounts. You can make a hood made of cloth, the inner surface of his lubricated with this mixture and put on for the night. In the morning, your hair should be washed with hot water and soap and a comb first ordinary comb, then frequent ridge moistened with hot vinegar, solvent chitinous shell nits. When necessary, this procedure can be repeated several times. If you have a large number crusts them soften 2-5%salicylic ointment. If assimilatie it is first necessary to eliminate eczema lotions from Golyanovo of the water and the imposition of 1-2%sulfur-tar ointment.
A lice are yellowish-white, deprived of black spots on the skin of the abdomen. A lice more are in clothes adults and the elderly. Insects and their nits are located mainly in the folds of the linen, along the seams. Lice are very prolific: two fertilized females in two months can bring 18000 individuals. They endure the cold. Clothes that are in the cold for several days and again brought into a warm room can contain viable parasites. Boiling linen destroys existing lice. Lice can starve a few days and viable up to 30-45 days.
Bites parasites cause rashes, combing remain linear stripes with black points. When lice bites skin receptors involved in the perception of the itching sensation that, as with scabies, and sometimes away from irritation. Itching especially intensified in the evenings and at night, localized primarily on the shoulders, interscapular region, on the lower back, abdomen, on the front surfaces of the thighs, to the rear edge of armpits. At strong scratching to the skin defects can get peacocke, resulting formed folliculitis, Chiri. At long rampant skin thickens, becomes dry, as though sprinkled with sugar. As a result of disintegration of the hemoglobin of the red blood cells of the skin pigmented color on the background there are a whitish scar from scratching, bloody brown and flakes.
Treatment. Apply emulsion of soap, 5%DDT powder.
Pubic lice-crab lice. Pubic louse, or louse, their appearance differs from the head and a louse. Her body resembles a crab, length and width are the same. The louse parasitizes hair in the pubic area.
At hairy and unscrupulous people crab lice in advanced cases can creep in underarm hair, beard, eyelashes, eyebrows. On the eyelashes they can cause inflammation - triazicide blepharitis. The crab lice bites cause itching, as well as the appearance of a blue or blue spots on the skin (with diameter up to 1 cm), round or oval shapes. Their number is different, they can be scattered on the abdomen, thighs, around the pubic area.
Transfer pubic lice from one person with crab lice, the other most often occurs during sexual intercourse. Not exclude the possibility of infection in the dressing room, through a common pools and badly cleaned the bathtub. But crab lice out of the human body quickly perish, and that such transfer does not always occur.
Pubic lice, except itching may cause essentialy, the presence of which in the pubic area should suggest the lice.
Pubic lice is a parasitic chesotocnogo disease that causes pubic lice. As a rule, head lice affects the genital areas, covered with hair. If the case is particularly severe, then under attack eyebrows, armpits, eyelashes and parcel of the scalp. The disease is transmitted sexually during contact with an infected partner. Lice hair moving to a healthy person, and then eat our skin pubic region.
The lice infestation can occur with the use of General hygiene products (towels, combs, sponges) and during visits to places of common use (swimming pool, sauna, Russian bath). It should say that in this case, pubic lice amaze eyelashes, armpits and eyebrows, and not just the genitals.
Once in healthy human lice begin to mate and actively reproduce. Parasites bite through the skin and suck blood. Staining of bluish color, which begin severely itchy, and then turn into a rash. Itching and scabies give the man much suffering, he is tearing the skin that can cause serious complications, as scratches and sores become centres for getting the body of infection.
Treatment for pubic lice, as a rule, does not represent special work. Today doctors lot of special drugs that can effectively destroy the nits and lice. This variety of gels, ointments and shampoos. Sometimes just a single application of the preparation. In some cases, the doctor may refer the patient to a man to shave off the hair in the affected area. And yet - it should at the time of treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse.
Treatment. For the destruction of pubic lice first we need to shave off the hair in the affected areas, 3-4 days in a row DAB 20%naphthalene (but not naftalinovogo) ointment, then washing with soap and change the linen. You can use and gray-mercurial ointment. We must remember, however, that when using mercury ointment can cause dermatitis, it is therefore recommended before its use to put patchwork test day.
Prevention. Sensiblenatty indicates low quality of public and personal hygiene. Crowded dirt, irregular use of baths, showers, untimely change of linen create conditions sensiblenatty. With the defeat of the scalp lice or nits have to shave all the hair, process hairy mylno-oil emulsion, after washing RUB 2%emulsion of soap K. The same goes for clothing and pubic pediculosis. Linen and clothes patients collected in a bag and sent for disinfection in special chambers.
In pioneer camps and other institutions required careful weekly inspection of children.