Palaeodietary (Peloidodestillatum) - biogenic stimulant derived from the Firth mud. Applied for the treatment of arthritis, radiculitis, myalgia , and other diseases. Use in some eye diseases: blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratit, etc. Enter into the skin to 1 ml of 1 times a day, the course of 30-35 injection. Palaeodietary contraindicated in severe cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, pregnancy over 7 months, far advanced forms of nefrosonefrit, acute gastrointestinal disorders. The form of release of peloidogenesis: ampoules to 1 ml Keep in a cool dark place.
Cm. also Biogenic stimulators.

Palaeodietary (peloidogenesis, Peloidodestillatum) - sterile drug made but the method B. N. Filatova of Firth mud containing volatile biogenic stimulators. Used with eye diseases, arthritis, mialgia, radiculitis, inflammatory diseases of female genital sphere. Subcutaneously to 1 ml daily. The course of treatment is 30-35 days. The release form: ampoules to 1 ml Cm. also Biogenic stimulators.