Inflammation of the penis

Among inflammatory diseases of the penis is most frequently observed balanitis (inflammation of the head) and fasted (inflammation of the foreskin). These diseases usually accompany each other (see Balanitis, balanopostit).
The consequence of chronic or recurrent, balanoposthitis can be phimosis (see). Sometimes balanoposthitis occurs as a result of viral lesion of penis - herpes progenitalis. When the disease on the skin of the head, or foreskin, less often on the body of the penis, there are small bubbles that soon burst and form the sores. Treatment: bath with warm disinfectant solution (potassium permanganate 0,1%, of rivanol 0,1%, furatsilina 0.02% and so on), powder antimicrobial preparations (streptocide, etazol , etc.,)., creams and emulsions with antibiotics and corticosteroids (see): prednizolonovuyu ointment, oksikort and other Prevention of inflammatory diseases of the penis is the hygiene of the penis: daily wash it (including prepucialna cavity) with warm water and soap. Especially important hygienic procedures after intercourse.
Of specific inflammatory diseases of the penis is more common syphilis (see), at least - TB. The last is usually combined with tuberculosis of other organs of the reproductive system of male (prostate, epididymis). Tuberculosis penis on his head appear shallow ulcers with a tendency towards self temporary reduction or even healing, which is important for differential diagnosis with cancer of the penis. Specifies the diagnosis biopsy. Treatment - conservative, specific anti-TB drugs.
Cabernet - inflammatory disease of the cavernous bodies of the penis. Characterized by the appearance of dense painful nodes (infiltration) in the thickness of the corpora cavernosa, and redness of the skin of the trunk part of the penis that is painful, prolonged erections - priapism (see). With festering infiltrates or education abscess appears chills, fever, swelling of the penis. Abscess usually opened to the outside, or the lumen of the urethra. Treatment - anti-inflammatory therapy (antibiotics), with festering infiltrate - compresses, opening an abscess.
Similar with chronic kivernitos flows Peyronie - plastic seal of the penis (induratio penis plastica), characterized by the appearance in the cavernous bodies of seals in the form of plates. Curvature of the penis during erection does painful or impossible sexual intercourse. The cause of the disease is not completely clear.
Treatment: radiotherapy, the impact of ultrasound, local injection of drugs cortex of the adrenal gland and the enzyme hyaluronidase.

Inflammatory diseases of the penis

Acute inflammatory diseases of the penis, except balanit, balanoposthitis (see), include Cabernet, lymphangitis, thrombophlebitis, phlegmon and gangrene P. H.
Cabernet occurs in the results damage, inflammation of the cavernous phone Acute Cabernet clinically manifested spectacular chills, fever, swelling and hyperemia of the penis and foreskin. Palpation can easily identify clearly separated protoliticheskie infiltrate in one or both cavernous bodies P. o'clock in a few days this infiltrate softened, form an abscess that opened outward or in the lumen of the urethra. Treatment - compresses, warmers, antibiotics and sulfa drugs. In the formation of the abscess - opening it.
Lymphangitis the penis is observed in acute inflammatory diseases of the head, the foreskin and urethra. Inflamed lymph vessels clearly felt on the back P. o'clock on the median line in the form of a twisting, tight and painful cords. These fibers are drawn to symphysis, heading to the inguinal lymph nodes, which are often enlarged and painful. The skin over the vessels swollen, reddened. Treatment of local - heat in the form of hot compresses, warmers, sulfa drugs and antibiotics. In cases of sepsis - opening the abscess.
Thrombophlebitis of the penis occurs suddenly and is characterized by the appearance on its back surface dense painful heavy, soft limited from surrounding tissues. Due to disorders of blood circulation appear swollen foreskin and erection corpus cavernosum sagging and softness P. o'clock during the process of favorable. The disease lasts several weeks and passes, leaving swelling of the penis, which gradually disappears. Treatment consists in the local application of heat in the form of hot compresses, heaters and wet wrapping P. o'clock In the case of significant swelling sometimes a good effect gives occupational therapy (leeches).
Cellulitis P. hours may be limited and spilled. Limited abscess occurs again after injury, inflammation and rough surgical interventions in the urethra. Extensive spilled cellulitis joins manifested processes and may appear in urinary Salecah due to the gap hanging part of the urethra. When the abscess General condition is severe, high temperature. The only surgical treatment: opening and drainage cavity.
There are symptomatic and spontaneous gangrene P. o'clock the First may be secondary origin and occurs more frequently than spontaneous. Spontaneous gangrene occurs for no apparent previous inflammation, quickly capture the foreskin, and then the whole P. H. and often the scrotum. Among the causative agents of gangrene often find anaerobov. The disease begins slight redness P. H. and tenderness. Soon there is a significant swelling P. H. and scrotum. The disease is accompanied by a high temperature and severe intoxication. In the coming days appear gangrenous spot, then comes the death of the whole skin of the scrotum, penis, and his head. Under favorable course of the disease in a week the temperature falls, the General condition improves and after separation of the dead parts is healing with a gradual recovery.
Treatment starts with the local application of heat, the appointment of sulfa drugs, antibiotics. In progressive phenomena - operative treatment (cuts). With extensive defects should be used in the subsequent plastic.
To chronic inflammatory diseases PC include rare tuberculosis, actinomycosis, leukoplakia, and elephantiasis (see), priapism (see) and plastic induration PC
Plastic induration of the penis (induratio penis plastica) is a gradual and painless lump of tissue cavernous bodies; in the latter there is dense, sharply limited the inclusion shaped units, bands, plates, rarely rings. The disease progresses slowly. The patient usually sees seal when it comes curvature and tenderness P. H. with erection. The curvature can be significant, up, down, sideways. Recognition is not a problem.
Treatment: inside - iodine preparations; local - mud applications, diathermy, rentgenoterapii, injections of vitamins, fibreline, lidaza, cortisone, trypsin, aloe. Also recommend the autohemotherapy, tissue therapy, ultrasound and low doses of estrogen.