Medical gloves

medical gloves
Gloves: 1 - surgical; 2 - anatomical; 3 - x-ray.

Gloves medical wear to prevent germs from the skin into the wound and to protect the skin from impurities in introducing operations, dressings, autopsies and various studies. There are medical surgical gloves, anatomical and x (Fig). Medical surgical gloves thin rubber, does not violate touch. Depending on the values are 10 rooms. They must be fitted as close medical gloves easily torn, disrupt blood flow in the hand, and excessively large worsen feel, it becomes difficult to operate. Care gloves, sterilization provides operating sister.
Sterilization of medical gloves are produced mostly in the autoclave at a temperature of 120 degrees pressure 1 ATM) for 30 minutes Before sterilization every glove separately, both inside and outside pour talc, wrapped in gauze and put in Bix. In cold sterilization gloves immersed in a solution of mercuric chloride 1 : 1000 or in a solution of bleach for 45 minutes, turn and again immersed in the solution for another 45 minutes, then treated with alcohol. After the cold sterilization gloves wipe a sterile gauze napkin outside and inside (after screwing out), pour sterile talc and wrapped in a sterile gauze.
The nurse must do this work in a sterile gloves, gown and mask. In boiling water during 20-25 minutes can be sterilized medical gloves dressings, purulent surgeries and mass processing of the wounded. Boiled medical gloves usually wear wet hands, moistened with alcohol, alcohol and wipe the outside.
At infringement of an integrity of gloves out of it may come in the wound "glove juice", i.e. the sweat from the skin of the hands that contain germs. Therefore, if the damage gloves during the operation, it must be changed. After the operation or changing of gloves, wash thoroughly and check their integrity inflating air and immersion in water. Small punctures stick with only the inner side of the rubber glue and a patch of broken gloves. Gloves, who were familiar with pus, net of operations is not used.
Anatomical of thick rubber gloves, more durable, applied with sectional and disinfecting work. Much more thick and hard x-ray (lead-impregnated) gloves for hand protection against x-ray radiation.

Gloves medical apply to comply with upgrades in the operations and medical procedures, to protect your hands honey. staff from contamination with anatomical and disinfection works. Surgical gloves rubber (Fig., 1) without seams, of equal length (28 cm) and a thickness of 0.25 mm ten rooms # 1 with a circumference at the wrist 14,1 -15,1 cm and up to number 10 with a circumference of your wrist to 17.9-19,0 see gloves with Cuffs sakatani on the edge of halo 2 mm thickness should be on top of the sleeves of the gown, and gloves close-fitting brush (Fig., 2)without being overly tight so as not to bore the hands of the surgeon. Gloves are sterilized with dressing material at temperature of 120 degrees and a pressure of 1 atmosphere. 15-30 minutes (see Sterilization). When storing gloves lightly sprinkled inside and talc; they must be on the minimum distance of 1 m from the source of heating at the temperature from 0 to 20 degrees
Also recommend to use gloves single application of polymer materials.
Gloves anatomical (Fig., 3) produce from more thick rubber (0.5 mm) of the same length and also by numbers. Gloves x - see the X-ray room.

Medical gloves: 1 - surgical glove; 2 - fit brush surgical glove; 3 - anatomical glove.