The excesses of the uterus

From the normal position of the uterus occurs a number of deviations. So, uterus with necks can represent one straight or slightly curved line, sometimes it is at an angle and, according to that which will be open angle - forward, backwards, left or right - we will have anaflaxia, retroflex, the inflection of the uterus to the right or left.
From normal anaflaxia (anteflexio) it is necessary to distinguish a pathological anaflaxia (RIS).
One of the most prominent causes of pathological anaflaxia is infantilism, which is congenital shortening Sacro-uterine ligaments. While the recent delay the area of internal posterior pharynx, round ligament with the assistance of intra-abdominal pressure acting on the rear wall of the uterus, hold the bottom of the uterus at the usual place; the result is a sharp anaflaxia. As in most cases of congenital, this anomaly happens, however, and the acquired as a result of wrinkling Sacro-uterine ligaments after inflammatory processes.
The inflection of the uterus to the right or to the left (lateroflexio dextra et sinistra) for the most part, is the result of a flawed development, but it can be acquired due to scarring of the broad uterine ligaments after suffering inflammatory process.
When retroflexion (retroflexio) vaginal part promoted even more forward. Zev directed downwards, zinute ago the body of the uterus nemopilema through the rear of the vault in the shape of a spherical body (Fig. 58). Retroflexa represents a further stage of retroversion, and all that is the reason for the development of the latter, the whole can be considered as a cause of retroflexion of the uterus.
There are mobile and fixed retro" the inflexion of the uterus. When mobile retroflexion the uterus may be easily deduced from this position when bimanual examinations; in the presence of dense adhesions, fixing the uterus in the state of retroversion-inflections, take the uterus from this condition fails.