Blood transfusion

Blood transfusion (synonym blood transfusion) is a method of the treatment, consisting in the introduction into the bloodstream of a patient blood of another person (a donor), including corpse, with the aim of substitutie (substitution), stimulation, hemostasis, detoxification and parenteral nutrition.
Ignorance of the group properties of blood for a long time served as an insurmountable obstacle for the development of the method of blood transfusion. Only after the classic studies of Landsteiner (K. Landsteiner), Yang (J. Jansky) and moss (W. L. Moss), established the group peculiarities of blood (see blood Group), became possible widely and safely carry SC, observing group compatibility blood donor and the recipient.
Widespread method SC became possible thanks to the successful resolution of the problem of preserving the blood; the blood is taken from a donor (see) in vials, can permanently be stored and transported at any distance preserving the viability of the formed elements of the blood, with the absence of hemolysis and complete sterility.