A fracture, a dislocation of the clavicle

  • The gap acrobaleno-clavicle junction
  • A broken collarbone happens when you fall on the side or on the bent hand, and with the direct blow to the collarbone. Usually the Central fragments moves backwards and upwards because of the thrust of sternocleidomastoid muscle and peripheral - down and inside due to the reduction of the deltoid and chest muscles. Keep mapped fragments difficult. This is due to the diversity of fixing of bandages and methods of surgical intervention at fracture of the clavicle.
    When conservative treatment in the armpit put oval bus or a pillow and attach it to the body through healthy shoulder starch or plaster bandages. Forearm, bent at the elbow angle 35-45°, laid on the headscarf, the ends of which are fixed by the neck.
    On the 2nd day of the injury is appointed medical gymnastics. All the exercises are done in fixing bandage.
    The first period starts from the moment of fixing and continues until the removal of the dressing (about 3 weeks). On the background of General developmental and breathing exercises recommended the following exercises: moving the fingers of the injured extremity (dilution and mixing, curl into a fist, the mapping of all the fingers with the first finger, "clicks", circular motion with each finger in both directions), movement of a brush (flexion, extension, extension, lead and circular movements in both directions). By the end of the 1st week of the exercises forearm exempt from kerchiefs and carried out exercises for shoulder joint - lead up to an angle of 80 degrees and conversion of a shoulder (arm is bent at the elbow joint), the movement of the shoulders back - mixing blades. Contraindicated movement forward, the abstraction of more than 80 degrees and pronation, since they, as a rule, lead to the displacement of bone fragments. Classes are held 3-4 times a day, the exercises are done at a slow pace, each exercise is 8-10 times with breaks.
    II. the period of medical physical culture begins after the formation of callus, which is confirmed by x-ray (3 weeks after the injury). This is the recovery of functions in the shoulder joint. Movements are performed by the arm above the horizontal, friendly movement with a healthy hand in all directions (including centrifugal motion); exercises with objects (stick, batons, rubber, volley balls), exercises on the block. Dosage exercises 6-10 times. Exercises should not cause pain, muscle fatigue. Classes are held 4-5 times a day. II period lasts until the full restoration of movements (approximately 2 weeks).
    III the period of medical physical culture and training, it is given a physical load on the damaged finiteness: stops, vises, exercises, with a stuffed balls, dumbbells, barbells and other
    In cases of repeated displacement of fragments at fracture of the clavicle is applied surgery - bond fragments of bone, nail, needle, screw, and so on, Therapeutic physical culture is assigned to the 2nd day after surgery and is performed by the same method as when conservative treatment. I period lasts until the sutures are removed, but take the arm at the shoulder joint to the angle of 80 degrees is permitted only in 2 weeks and above the horizontal - 3 weeks. The surgical intervention, the range of motion is restored before, and the fracture fracture occurs in the same terms as in the conservative treatment.
    Fracture of the clavicle commencement of athletic training are determined depending on the nature and location of the fracture individually, but not earlier than 3 months after injury.