Fractures, dislocations in the area of the wrist and hand

After reduction of fracture or the reset dislocated bones of the wrist is applied a plaster bandage. The duration of immobilization depends on the nature of damage: in dislocation lunate bone - 2-3 weeks; in dislocation of the scaphoid-3-4 weeks; at the turn of the lunate bone - 8-12 weeks; at the turn of the scaphoid - 8-10 weeks.
Physiotherapy is assigned to the 2nd day of the injury. In the first period are exercises for fingers elbow and shoulder joints (4-6 times a day). The treatment of fractures metacarpal bones and fingers is applied a plaster bandage for 2-4 weeks. Run movements in free immobilization the joints of the fingers, exercises for shoulder and elbow joints.
In the second period after removal of plaster bandage is applied active exercises for joints with limited range of motion, passive exercise, combined with paraffin therapy, medical gymnastics in the water and massage.
III, the training, the period is prescribed individually, usually not earlier than 4 months after the injury. Sport training resolved by physician individually, but not earlier than 8 months after the injury (especially the scaphoid, which in athletes injured more often than others).