A broken shoulder blade

Fractures of the shoulder blade occur when you fall on your back or hit in the shoulder area. The extremity is fixed bandage DESA *, and later (in 6-10 days) - solitaire or rear plaster Longuet, which extends from the base of the toes to the spine (arm is bent at the elbow at 90 degrees).
Physiotherapy is assigned to the 2nd day after the fracture. Performed General developmental, respiratory exercises, as well as (depending on the method of fixation) exercises for fingers, wrist joint and isometric muscle tension in the shoulder. After translation limbs solitaire entered exercises for the elbow joint (flexion, extension, pronation, supination, circular motion in both directions) and shoulder (raising his hands up-and up to 90 angle and the lead up to 90 angle). Flight movement, are appointed in 10-14 days after the injury.
When a fracture of the shoulder blade limb fit onto the bus. Therapeutic physical training is assigned to the 2nd day of the injury. Onto the bus carried out exercises for fingers, wrist and elbow. Exercises for shoulder joint apply for 15-20 th day after the injury. I period lasts for 1 month.
In the II period (after removal of the discharge bus) are assigned to the motion at the shoulder joint, performed friendly with a healthy arm exercises with objects on the unit. Duration II period is 3-4 weeks.
III the period of training. It corresponds to the third period at fracture of the clavicle. Recovery movements and full working capacity come through 2-2,5 months after injury.
At the turn of the vanes sports training, is permitted not earlier than 3 months after the fracture.

* Dressing DESA commits to the trunk shoulder and forearm, bent at an angle of 45 degrees.