Fractures of the bones of the foot and toes

The most common traumatic injuries of the foot bones are broken heel bone (if dropped from a height of heels), metatarsal and phalanges (in the fall of gravity on the back surface of the foot). Fractures without bias fix the plaster bandage with stapes, with a shift - in the same way, but after reposition. The expected timeframe for the removal of plaster bandages: fractured heel bone - in 4-8 weeks (depending on the nature of the fracture), fractured metatarsal bones without bias on 18-21 day, when metatarsal fracture of one-shift - 4 weeks, in multiple fractured metatarsal bones with offset - after 6-8 weeks at the turn of the major phalanges - 3 weeks. After removal of plaster bandage must be worn Deposit within two years.
Tasks of therapeutic exercises, methods of conducting trainings, and also methods of struggle with swelling damaged legs are the same as at fracture of the ankle.