The care of patients with fractures of the spine

The care of patients with fractures of the spine (see the Spine) is determined by the passive position of the patient (usually on a solid shield, perhaps with traction) with a certain inclination beds, a sharp restriction of movement, especially in the first days after the fracture; fractured cervical slightest movement of the spine can lead to the fatal outcome. The first 2-3 weeks is not allowed at least temporarily taken out of the loop Glisson. In the future, is of great importance medical gymnastics. Gymnastics for uncomplicated fractures of thoracic and lumbar spine begin with the 7th - 10th day of the disease (gradually movement for the head, hands, feet, deep breathing). After a week, the patient is turned on his stomach and out of this situation continue movement exercises for head and limbs. To get the patient is taught from a prone position on his stomach, sit allow three months after the fracture. Special difficulties arise when caring for complicated fractures of the spine due to disorder of pelvic organs functions (atony bladder, cystitis, bowel paresis). The long-term catheterization after imposition of suprapubic fistula raise sewage and mechanized enema. The prevention of bedsores, congestive pneumonia and feeding these patients spend on the above-mentioned General principles of care.
Care of patients after surgical interventions on the spine similar set out.