Transplantation of small pieces of skin

For skin grafting in the form of small pieces usually excised in the field side of the neck the transplant spindle-shaped form.
On selected donor area shave hair, skin carefully wipe alcohol-ether or iodized alcohol, analgesic novocaine and excised the needed value of the full-layer graft.
P. F. Simbirtsev recommends for pain to apply procaine-penicillin solution.
Formed on the place of the dissected flap the wound closed blind stitch, and she quickly usually heals by primary intention. With transplant cut with knives or razor subcutaneous tissue and part of the net layer of the skin (get epidermoidnyi flap). Then the flap is cut into narrow strips of a width of 5-8 mm that cross across so, to get the pieces 5X6, 6X8 mm
The prepared slices wrapped in gauze napkin, moistened with izotoniceski solution of sodium chloride with the addition of penicillin.