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  • Dressing field of medical institutions and clinics
  • Dressing - specially equipped room for the manufacture of bandages inspection of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a number of procedures performed in the process of healing wounds. Small transactions, often at purulent diseases (anthrax, felon), intravenous injections, puncture, blockade, drawing blood from a vein, etc. are also produced in the dressing room, if there is no special treatment.
    In major surgery, there are two dressing: "clean" and "festering". If there is only one dressing, bandage and aseptic and infected wounds. When the good organization of work and the strict observance of aseptic it is not dangerous.
    Under the dressing room assign a spacious bright room, floor, ceiling and walls of which are covered with oil paint or tiles, easy to wash. Dressing well ventilated, temperature is maintained not lower than 18 degrees, followed by cleanliness.
    In rural medical ambulance station, obstetric paragraph allocate a doctor (medical assistant) and dressing. Dressing in obstetric stations (see) producing bandaging and small surgical operation (applying bandages and sutures when wounded, bleeding, a simple resetting of dislocation, splinting for fractures, opening superficial abscesses and other); provide gynecological care in extent permitted midwives. To perform these operations in the dressing room should be required set of tools, dressings, splints for immobilization of fractures (dislocations) and medicines.
    In hospitals dressing usually located in isolated from the other premises (wards, operating unit) rooms. At presence in the surgical Department of one operating for aseptic (net) operations surgical wound treatment, removal of atheroma, foreign bodies, and purulent surgery (opening felon, of anthrax) are produced in the dressing room. After bandaging dressing can be used for the inspection of patients, their preparation for surgery, etc.
    Equipping the dressing room consists of one or two tables (wooden or metal) for the sick, a few stools for sedentary patients, tables for sterile and sterile bandages, glazed cabinets for storage of tools, medicines and bandages, washbasin with hot and cold water, stands for sterilizers, a heat source (electric hot plate), cans for the captured bandages, bottles of disinfectant solutions, trays dirty instruments. Placed sets for narcosis, tracheotomy, pelvis with a solution of dicida for hand, the drums with a sterile dressing material and gloves, trays for syringes, boiled brushes; establish lamps, bactericidal lamps. In the dressing room, you must have: syringes capacity of 20, 10 and 5 ml, tweezers anatomical and surgical, straight and curved scissors, blunt and sharp hooks for cultivation wound edges, hemostatic clamps, scissors for removing bandages both soft and hard (gypsum), Pugovkina and globularia probes, plaits, korangi, scalpels, needle holders, spatulas, catheters, seam material.
    Before working in the dressing room, dressing sister processes hands the same way as before the operation, lay the table with sterile sheets, lays out on it necessary sterile material, tools, which covers the second sterile sheets. Doctor (medical assistant)working in the dressing room, gets all the necessary with sterile dressing table through sister, who enjoys this sterile forceps.
    The instruments are sterilized in the dressing room or a private room, connected with dressing - predpriyatii.