Perforation (synonym perforation) - education through defect (a hole) in the wall of hollow organ or body cavity from the pathological process or injury. The latter is possible if the different therapeutic or diagnostic activities: a perforation of the esophagus when birovni (see), or the removal of a foreign body, perforation of the uterus when scraping her oral, rectal when rectoscopy (see Sigmoidoscopy). The perforation may occur as a result of necrotic lesions or neoplastic process pressure stone or foreign body, in acute necrosis of the walls of the body (for example, in chemical burn). Examples of perforation result of the pathological process are perforation of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gall bladder, the vermiform process at their inflammation. For perforation of a hollow organ abdominal cavity characterized by the development of the clinical picture of acute abdomen.
First aid - See. Acute abdomen.
Treatment. When perforation necessary emergency procedure consisting of the closure of perforated holes, resection or removal of an organ. The perforation of the wall of the esophagus may lead to mediastinitis (see), bladder and rectum to the phlegmon pelvic fiber. In these cases produce the closure of the wall and the drainage of fiber.