Perianalny lipomatous

Perianalny lipomatous - limited or (more often) diffuse growth of fat tissue in the retroperitoneal space around the kidneys in the form of large sites. Men at the age from 24 to 68 years. Increasingly ill women. Perianalny lipomatous the tumor mesoderm origin; it originates from perinephral fat capsules and covered with a thin shell.
A characteristic feature perianalnogo of lipomatosis is the frequent recurrence, despite the seemingly radical surgical removal of the tumor. When the tumor reaches a large value, the source of its difficult to determine due to the fusion of tumors with one or more of abdominal organs. The tumor is in the process of its growth gradually takes all retroperitoneal space, grows into the root of the intestine mesentery and goes down deep in the pelvis. Having reached big sizes, perianalny lipoma shifts the kidneys in the opposite direction retroperitoneal space. This feature is installed excretory urography or retrograde pielografia characteristic perianalnogo of lipomatosis. Over time perinephral lipoma becomes liposarcoma. The main complaints of the patients feeling of heaviness in the stomach, the presence of a tumor, diarrhoea disorders. The disease must be differentiated from hydronephrosis, true neoplasms of the kidney, ovarian cyst, cyst pancreas or mesenteric cysts, splenomegaly. In recognition perianalnogo of lipomatosis substantial assistance, in addition to excretory urography and retrograde pielografii can have the pneumotropica and renal angiography.
Treatment - operative (complete removal lipomatosis masses). If the kidney is tightly tied with lipomatosis tumor, shown nephrectomy. Despite the greater frequency of relapses and the tendency of the tumor to sarcomatosis transformation, radical surgery can cure the patient or to extend for several years of his life. When a relapse lipomatosis shown repeated surgical intervention. Postoperative lethality was 8.3%. Recovery after radical operation is seen in 50% of patients.