Tuberculous peritonitis

Tuberculous peritonitis occurs in patients with tuberculosis of the lung, colon, or other organs. There are forms: exudative, dry (adhesive) and ulcerative-cheesy. Peritonitis flows chronically, dominated by the phenomenon of intoxication - weakness, weight loss, low-grade fever. Little vague abdominal pain; if you study found ascites or multiple small-like formation. Sometimes - the phenomenon of partial obstruction of the intestines. Treatment: large doses of streptomycin, ftivazide, PAS intramuscular injection in the abdominal cavity. At the exudative form with success apply chrevosechenie with ultraviolet irradiation peritoneum and pneumoperitoneum (see) oxygen. When adhesive form of operation is shown in the case of intestinal obstruction.

Tuberculous peritonitis. Peritoneal lesions tuberculous process happens again. The penetration of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the abdominal cavity may hematogenous, lymphogenous and contact through the intestinal wall, kidneys, genitals). There are three forms of tuberculosis P.: 1) exudative, in which there was an accumulation of serous effusion; 2) dry, that is, adhesive, adhesive; 3) ulcerative-pyo, which is education uploadovanych tumor entities with purulent-caseous lesions of collapse. Local clinical manifestations poorly expressed, is dominated by the common phenomenon of tuberculosis intoxication - weakness, weight loss, low-grade fever. Periodic abdominal pain are uncertain, soft character. Vomiting occurs very rarely, only in case of exacerbation of the inflammatory process. Sometimes revealed signs of partial adhesive intestinal obstruction. During the examination of the abdomen can be defined ascites or the many small granulomas formations. Diagnosis help identify the primary focus of tuberculosis, cytological and bacteriological studies of the exudate (lymphocytosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis).
Treatment of tuberculous peritonitis mostly conservative: large doses of antibiotics (streptomycin), chemotherapeutic drugs (PASK, ftivazid), administered intramuscularly or by using the puncture into the abdominal cavity. Effective laparotomy with ultraviolet irradiation peritoneum and the imposition of pneumoperitoneum oxygen. The best effect of surgical treatment is observed at the exudative form of tuberculosis., without adhesive form the indication for surgery is the development of intestinal obstruction.