Peroxidase enzyme, oxidizing some substrates (EN2) hydrogen peroxide:
EN2 + H2O2 = A + 2H2o
Peroxidase found in the tissues of humans and animals, bacteria and plants. Substrates peroxidases are polyphenols, aromatic amines, ascorbic acid and so on, and donators of oxygen, along with H2O2, can be organic peroxides. Peroxidase - complex proteins hemoproteins, active center of which is the heme iron. Blocking iron cyanide, sulfide or azide inactivates P. the Energy released by the oxidation substrata P., dissipated as heat and cannot be disposed of by the cell. The role of P. in biological oxidation is not yet clear. Activity P. in vivo is limited due to low education resources of peroxides in the cell, the availability of highly active catalase disperses H2O2 O2 and H2O, and a small set of substrates peroxidase-catalyzed reaction.