First aid in case of shock

First aid to the victim must start with a quick release from the action of the current. The easiest way to release affected by the current installations or networks with voltage below 380 V is the circuit breaker switch or switch. Due to any fault or wrong connections, though switch open, the current can continue to pass through the circuit; in these cases, the circuit to separate other way. If an electric shock had occurred through a loose wire or something small portable device, it is easier and easier to separate current-carrying part from the man, pulling the cord and tearing it out of the hands of the victim. If you cannot do that, then you should pull the victim, but not bare hands, to avoid the risk of inclusion in the network and getting consequently, under voltage. In these cases it is recommended to use any dry, without conducting an electric current, the subject (dry stick, rope, rope, dry cloth cap, books, paper). To isolate the saving from the earth can be applied dry planks, rubber, rubber Mat, the tire from the wheel, etc., In case of impossibility to use any of these methods, it is recommended to cut or cut wire axe dry wooden handle or other tools with insulated handles. To cut the wires you need each separately in order to avoid short circuit.
If the victim is on a high place (on the roof, the bridge, ladder, the mast of the power line, electrocranes), circuit with the purpose of his release from current may cause drop it down; therefore, in such cases usually have to resort to the immediate separation of the victim from the live objects.
First aid affected by electric current must be immediately and directly at the place of the incident. The absolute rule is required to take all measures to revive the body, even if the supposed death is not observed. Activities to revive should be conducted without breaks (including in case of sending the victim to a medical institution) is so far until you get reliable signs of life or death. Methods and equipment of these events see the Revival of the body.
After the electric shock in the case of even well being injured in a few hours, you must provide the rest. To prevent late complications of all victims should be hospitalized in a medical institution, regardless of the severity of the condition.
Everyone coming to the patient, except delivered unconscious, it is recommended warm bath, which significantly reduces pain in muscles of lower limbs. From the admissions Department in the chamber, as well as on the survey in the different offices of the victims should be delivered lying on a gurney.