Medical first aid

  • Medical kit in the car
  • The provision of qualified medical assistance to victims directly at the scene often accompanied by great difficulties, which are limited to significant destruction of stationary medical institutions from the place of the incident, accident, timely a manner as possible to call an ambulance and other circumstances. In connection with this obvious need for possession of practical skills of first aid for affected by all drivers of vehicles.
    Help with injuries. The wound is mechanical damage to the integrity of the skin of the body. Most of the RAS accompanied by bleeding, the nature and strength of which depends on the size of the damaged blood vessels. All wounds regardless of the conditions of their formation are infected, i.e. contaminated mainly pyogenic bacteria. Microbes are entered into the wound, as a rule, with adjacent areas of skin, clothes, soil, etc. Getting into the wound, the microbes multiply rapidly, which may lead to the emergence of infectious complications, and in some cases and security of the whole organism.
    It is therefore very important in any wound in the first place to stop the bleeding, to grease adjacent to the wound skin solution of iodine and apply a sterile dressing. After that it is necessary to take measures for delivery of the victim to the nearest hospital.
    Depending on the type of damaged vessels bleeding is divided into arterial, venous and capillary and mixed. Arterial bleeding that happens when deep chopped and puncture wounds, blood is bright red in color under great pressure flowing from the damaged arteries. Capillary bleeding occurs when the surface, shallow cut in the skin, grazes. The blood from the wound comes drop by drop, and after some time about her clots that promote spontaneous cessation of bleeding.
    Venous bleeding occurs when a deeper wounds, mostly cut and stab. The blood in the venous bleeding compared with arterial is slower, steady stream of dark red.

  • First aid for bleeding
  • First aid for contusions, dislocations burns and poisoning by combustion products