First aid for bleeding

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  • First aid for bleeding is to stop the bleeding to a time before the arrival of the emergency medical assistance or to take the injured person to the hospital. Capillary bleeding suspend the imposition of a pressure bandage. Before applying bandages to lubricate the skin around the wound with iodine, and then wrap.
    Venous bleeding also stop the imposition of a pressure bandage. For this purpose on the affected area impose a piece of sterile bandage, top composed of several layers of gauze or a clean handkerchief, and then the wound tight peremestivsheesya. If this is not enough, without having to remove the bandage, top, you need to put some more cloths and tight them to premenovat. Bandaged damaged limb kept in good condition.
    When you stop arterial bleeding, which is the most dangerous, you need to know designated pressing arteries to stop the bleeding. Stop bleeding when preparing dressings before the end of the imposition of a pressure bandage is made by pressing a bleeding artery in the place which belongs to this artery.
    In some cases, especially if bleeding from the femoral or brachial artery is necessary to impose a plait. Currently there are several types of hemostatic cables. The most convenient one is harness esmarkha, which is a rubber tube length of 1.5 M. At the ends of the loom there are on the one hand, a metal chain with the other hook that serve to secure the harness after its imposition. In improvised as a harness, you can use any rubber tube, suspenders, waist belt, a towel, etc.
    To stop bleeding harness must be placed slightly above the wound. However, in order not to infringe the skin, under harness need to enclose composed of several layers of cloth or bandage. Tighten the harness must gradually until full stop bleeding. Over tighten the tourniquet should not be, because this may damage the muscles and cause paralysis of the limbs and even necrosis. After the tourniquet is applied, you must make a mark on the paper indicating the time of its imposition and put it under harness or attach it to your clothing of the victim.
    If internal bleeding, which is defined in appearance affected (pale skin, is sticky cold sweat, quickens the pulse), it is necessary to take urgent measures to send the victim to a medical facility, using personal or associated transport.

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