Medical first aid

  • Medical kit in the car
  • Medical first aid for injuries
  • First aid for bleeding
  • Aid with the injuries. If the injury is damage to the muscles or internal organs. The degree of damage depends on the force of the blow and accompanied with sharp pain and the emergence of a bruise.
    For the relief of pain and reduce bruising should be made to the injured spot a towel soaked with cold water, and to ensure peace for the injured body part. When severe injuries to the head, chest, lower abdomen can be damaged brain and internal organs. In this case, the victim should be urgently delivered in the medical establishment.
    Assistance at dislocations. At dislocations occurs offset bones that make up the joints, hyperextension of muscles, ligaments, accompanied by their rupture, causing severe pain. First aid for sprains is to create a complete rest damaged joints and imposing fixed bandages, and if necessary and tires.
    Aid for burns. A burn is damage to the skin of a person, caused by the impact of high temperatures on it. Burns are classified thermal, chemical and electroyogi.
    Especially dangerous are burns from burning oil or saturated vapors, flammable liquids of clothing. It should be remembered that the impact of a flame of burning clothing man within 1-2 minutes can cause serious burns fatal.
    During first aid in thermal burns, first, it is necessary to take measures to stop the effects of high temperatures on the victim. If the person was a burning garment, should as soon as possible to eliminate the burning. For this purpose, the existing fire extinguisher, as well as the means at hand - dense coarse cloth, asbestos bedspreads, blankets, coats that come to the places of intensive burning. Secondly, the burn tie a towel, soaked in cold water for 10-15 minutes Then on the surface of the body with burns impose sterile dressing. If it is not possible to use a clean towel, bed sheet, scarf, handkerchief, preliminary having moistened them with alcohol or Cologne. The burn is not necessary to grease fat, various oils, vaseline, a solution of potassium permanganate , or use some home remedies. Patients with burns over a large area is wrapped in a sheet and heat shielding. For provision of quality health care must be taken to the emergency delivery of the victim to the nearest hospital.
    Upon receipt of electromag first need to release immediately affected by the action of electric current. For this you need to turn a safety fuse (to turn off the switch), i.e. disconnect the wiring. After this process the damaged surface of the skin as well as in thermal burns, and regardless of the degree burns, the victim is hospitalized.
    Aid in case of poisoning by combustion products. Currently, the increasing application in the automotive industry receive various combustible materials, including polymeric, synthetic, artificial skin foams. All this increases the possibility of education in the fire of burning products with different hazardous to human health properties.
    Most of the materials used, with the high Flammability, combustion emit toxic fumes and toxic substances: carbon monoxide (CO2), hydrogen cyanide and other hazardous substances. The most dangerous of them are carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, inhalation of which are dangerous to human health doses can die from suffocation. To help you remove victim to fresh air, to get out of his clothes, when you stop breathing, apply artificial respiration.

  • First aid in case of accident