Primary and secondary prevention

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Dystrophic changes in the stomach may occur gastritis or peptic ulcer disease. At first glance it seems unclear why gastritis, that is inflammation of the stomach, come dystrophic changes. But clinical experience and special studies mucous show that any inflammatory process in the stomach leads to disruption of power cells that shell and change the secretory and motor and evacuation function of the stomach. It is known that secretory function is carried out from special glands located in the mucous and ensuring the process of digestion using gastric juice. In the result of the above violations occur discomfort (belching, heartburn, feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region, food is delayed in the stomach or, on the contrary, quickly evacuated in the intestines).
Dystrophic process in pyloric (output) of the stomach or in the mucous membrane duodenal ulcers often leads to the formation of a defect in the mucous membrane, to the appearance of sores, and breach of secretion. Soviet scientists K. M. Bykov and I. So Kurzin in 1948 showed that the stomach ulcer develops due to violations of the relationship between the cerebral cortex and the inner organs. In this disease most often improves the function of mucous glands, increases production them hydrochloric acid, enzymes, increases the evacuation of food mass, or as it is called, food gruel from the stomach. Increasing the concentration of hydrochloric acid, in turn, increases in these patients digestive ability of the gastric juice and leads to increase of the defect mucous membrane.
Those with gastric ulcer sooner or later appear disorders bowel function (constipation or diarrhea), worsens the process of absorption and irregularities provide the body energy and plastic materials necessary for its vital functions. So people with gastric ulcer usually lose weight decreased still working capacity.
It is obvious that the same dystrophic process, but developing in different organs and body systems, different flows because of the specific features of these organs and systems. Therefore, measures of primary and secondary prevention should be in every case is different.
To the measures of primary prevention of gastritis and gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer doctors include: elimination of harmful habits such as drinking alcohol, Smoking, ordering diet, work and life, prevent psycho-emotional and physical overvoltage. The last factors are particularly important because they lead to the breakdown of the cortical-visceral regulation, that is, violation of the relationship between the cerebral cortex and stomach, as well as to reduce the functions of the sympathetic nervous system causing the strengthening of dystrophic process in the stomach.
This complex set of changes is the basis not only of the origin and development, but also the flow of gastritis and stomach ulcers. Therefore, their means of secondary prevention is aimed at elimination of impaired functions of the cerebral cortex, improved nutrition (trophism) cells and the weakening of the sources of irritation of nerve plexuses of the stomach.
The most effective tools in this regard are rational mode of life and nutrition, the use of radon or sulfide, iodine-bromine or nitrogen-radon baths in combination with the internal use of mineral waters. Naturally, all the above measures should be used under a physician who knows the essence of treatment-and-prophylactic effect of physical methods of prevention and able to assign them to each patient individually. The doctor takes into account the nature and severity of violations of the functions of the cerebral cortex and the autonomic nervous system, the changes in the stomach.
The patient needs to take into account that standard in the application of methods of primary or secondary prophylaxis can not be. Each person is assigned that is necessary for correct solving doctor tasks. He made recommendations should be fulfilled, because on this depends the success of interventions primary or secondary prevention.