Primary and secondary prevention

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With the development of large cities and technicaly industrial and agricultural production unwittingly create conditions that can adversely affect people's lives. At first glance, this sounds paradoxical. Indeed, the progress of science and technology leads to automation of production, facilitating the execution of hard work. Man becomes easier to work with, and he manages to increase productivity.
However, the large-scale machine production is associated with environmental pollution, it absorbs from the air of the ocean large amounts of oxygen and increases the content of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur compounds and other cares about health of impurities. These impurities affect population health. And the operation of large machine equipment often, noise and vibration, requires a great deal of stress, especially if the production process is automated.
To perform under these conditions, production job, people need to be fully involved in their technology. He essentially becomes part of the technological process.
In modern production conditions, people should ensure the accuracy of the mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical, thermal, transport and other technological processes. It requires special professional attention that, in turn, can not do without strengthening the mental functions of the cerebral cortex, the tension of the organs of vision, hearing, muscle rhythmic work.
In industries where there are large temperature differences, people straining thermoregulation mechanisms, creates the external and internal conditions, leading to decrease the body resistance acute respiratory and other diseases, especially among non-people. The management of large production requires large psychoemotional stress not only in the governing and administrative staff, but also for engineers, technicians and workers.
On the health of rural workers are not always good to influence changes of meteorological factors.
Employees of intellectual labour spend a lot of nervous energy in the solution of complex theoretical problems, ensuring compliance with the technical and creative works. However, as shown by the medical supervision, many of them suffering from cardiovascular diseases due to human organized labour and rest.
But it would be wrong and even the mistake of thinking that work is a condition for the development of the disease. On the contrary, the labour strengthens people's health, it brings joy and happiness to everyone. The matter, however, is that wrong organization of work and rest, a rhythm of work, the non-observance of safety at work have harmful effects on health. Insufficient physical activity, alcohol abuse, Smoking, overeating are factors that contribute to the development of various diseases and their recurrence.
Many diseases occur on a hereditary basis. But their development and course you can pause, if from early childhood to adhere to proper organization of education, training, including hygiene.
All the above has to be considered in order to prevent the emergence and development of diseases, preservation of working capacity of people for many years.
Significant efforts of Soviet doctors aimed at addressing these challenges at an early stage of disease when primary and secondary prevention can play a role in maintaining the health and ensuring active long life.