Primary complex

Primary complex - a combination of inflammation in the place of the primary localization of infection with inflammation of the regional node. In the classic form of primary complex meets tuberculosis and syphilis. Tuberculosis primary complex developed either in the lung and bronchial lymph nodes, or in the ileum and mesenteric lymph nodes. At hit of tubercle bacilli in the Airways in the lung is developing primary affect (see the Affect primary), where the infection spreads through lymphatic system in the regional lymph nodes. They also develops specific inflammation. The path of infection from primary affect the lymph nodes is often seen by lymphangitis (see).
The similar picture is observed when syphilis, when the infectious process from primary passion (chancre) spread to regional lymph nodes and causes inflammation (syphilis bubo). The outcome of the primary complex depends on the further development and course of the disease. Primary complex can heal; then it tuberculosis often found in the form of calcified nodules, which are called the "hearth of the Rut. At insufficiency of protective forces of the organism primary complex is a source of new outbreaks that allows for quick primary complex, as it is a long time can remain viable pathogens (see Tuberculosis).
Primary complex can affect the immune status of the organism (see Immunity).

Primary complex - a combination of primary affect defeat of regional lymph node. In the most typical form of the fortress were found in tuberculosis (see) and syphilis (see). Usually after a more or less short period of time after the occurrence of primary passion is lymphogenous carry an infectious agent (mycobacteria, pale spirochetes) in regional lymph node. The path of the drift often (in fresh cases) corresponds to localization of lymphangitis. In the lymph nodes experience changes, typical pathology of this infection, that is specific lymphadenitis with a certain cyclic development.
Not all components of the SC expressed always to the same extent. For example, at a tuberculosis of the most expressed in the phenomenon of primary pulmonary affect due to the extensive perifocal inflammation, dominated by the phenomenon of bronchogenic that receives the corresponding mapping in General clinic diseases and radiology him (see Tuberculosis). When syphilis is sometimes primary chancre is small and fleeting for when the severity of regional lymphadenitis. The prevalence of the defeat of regional lymph node in the primary complex is especially obvious for some infectious diseases (for example, bubonic plague), where primary affect coincides with gates infections, which there is no noticeable reaction to the introduction of a pathogenic agent. At primary tuberculosis of the intestine (usually in ileo-zakalnoe region) primary affect mostly heals completely, and localization of the SC expressed only by the defeat of regional lymph node (Cazes and calcification).
The addition of primary affect lymph node plays a large role in the overall Immunobiology of the disease, as this is the barrier and immunological role of the lymphatic system. Together e when the chronically current illness (especially tuberculosis) lymphatic primary component of the complex can be the source of generalization and exacerbation of the disease.