First sexual intimacy and relationships in marriage

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"The good of the spouses - two souls, but one will."
M. Cervantes
First sexual intercourse is a very important event in the life of man. They fill mental and physical abyss, before the former between persons of the opposite sex, and open one of the deepest mysteries of life. With the beginning of sexual life opens a new page in the big book of life, more comprehensive and informative, with hitherto unknown sexual sensations and experiences. For many married period after the wedding is the time when the spouses get to know each other in everyday life when they have a very complex and inevitable experiment experience life together and first sexual rendezvous. The sexual act is an implementation of only the physiological function, which requires the participation of two individuals - men and women.
Two in her marriage, starting to build their sexual lives. It is clear that in this very complex functions inevitable difficulties and contradictions, because physiological act of man at the same time and a social phenomenon that has a great importance for the well-being of marriage in the family.
It is wrong, who in sexual function sees only the "bare physiology". Sexual intercourse for mutually loving is not only a complex interplay of muscles, physical, sexual contact, but first of all - a Symphony of mental strain and pleasant emotions that awaken all the best in the human person. It is therefore very important in the act feel not only mutual warmth of the body, but also soul. Many great people of the world at all times, intercourse is considered sacred, for through it the mankind eventually moves to the physical and spiritual progress. At the origins of sexual life originate high emotions of the human soul.
First intercourse should not be taken lightly. It should lead hot feelings mutual aspirations, leaving both participants impressive memory as something particularly beautiful, that life will not be repeated.
How correctly and it is advisable to start having sex? First of all sexually active young people should join only if there is mutual inclination, affection and sincere respect, well-examining their feelings for each other and the capacity for long sex life in marriage. And this requires that a boy and a girl before marriage as long as possible was near, getting to know each other. In this premarital they get used to close friendly relations and marriage from the very first days will not see each other stranger. On the threshold of marriage young people think that they already know each other. Maybe so, but mutual "recognition" in this time is far from over, it will long continue. Of the two "I" need to develop a strong and coherent "we". The first period in marriage is considered to be the most pleasant and happy. But often it is that time is the most difficult.
The couple often not yet estimate soberly, what tests they have to put a life together. Many people naively think that it is a normal sex life after registration in the registry office is a thing for granted and under all conditions should lead them "the ship of life" in happy Harbor. But in reality it is often those that simple. Usually young couples still lack of mutual tolerance, understanding that sexual harmony does not always occur immediately that it needs to create. But to meet those challenges, you need a defined maturity of mind and character.