Sand baths

Sand baths - heat applications that use small diameter of grains of 0.5-2 mm) is clean, sifted sand. Sand baths even high temperature is transferred easily. Thus there is a uniform warming of the whole body and a kind of massage as a result of mechanical action of the sand. The procedure is increased oxidative processes and therefore the loss of body weight (up to 800-1000 g per session). Sand baths provide a painkiller and resolving actions. Indications and contraindications to the sand baths are the same as for mud therapy (see).
General sand baths (solar heating) is used seaside resorts with a good sandy beaches. On the beach, sheltered from the wind by a fence, prepare so-called medallions with sandy ridges height of about 30 cm on the sides. Solar heated up to temperature of 50 - 55 degrees (11-12 hours. day) sand quickly pull with rollers on lying in a medallion bare patient, slightly covering them chest and abdomen. The duration of a sand bath from 20-30 minutes to 1 hour; for children aged 10-15 minutes, every other day. The course of treatment is 10-15 procedures. After the procedure, remove wet from sweat sand and wrapped in a sheet patient is placed in 10 - 15 minutes in the shade, and then pour warm water temperature 37-38 degrees). After the admission procedure, the patient during 1,5-2 hours to relax.
Local sand baths in the form of baths and heating pads with heated up to temperature 60 degrees sand is applied to patients for 1-1,5 hours. The course of treatment is 20-30 procedures. Artificial heating of sand produced in ovens, pots, chafing dishes or in special apparatuses.

Sand baths - thermal treatments with the use of heated sand. In seaside resorts use sand warmed by the sun. Sand should be well-sifted and clean, preferably with a diameter of grains of sand 0,25-2 mm
On the beaches for P. century secrete place, protected from the wind by a fence. In the morning prepare holes of different sizes or medallions surrounded by roller 20-30 cm in height.
By 12 o'clock the sand usually heated to 50-55 degrees. Naked patient is placed in a pit or on a medallion and fall asleep by heated sand, protecting your head with a tent or umbrella, when necessary on the head put a cold compress. The procedure duration is 30-40 minutes (1 hour) for adults and 10-15 minutes for children. After the procedure the patient washed with warm water, dried and left to rest in the shade of the awning for 30-40 minutes
Artificial heating of sand (washed and screened) is carried out in special vehicles or in ovens for baking sheets or braziers. It heats up to 100-120 degrees and mixed with the cold sand before the appointed temperature (usually 45-55 degrees General and 60-65 degrees local baths). The bath is carried out in wooden boxes with double walls; pour on the bottom of the sand on 5-10 cm, placed the patient and smooth sand layer 10-15 cm thick fall asleep it (excluding the upper part of the chest). So do the local baths for the feet, hands or sedentary. The total duration of the procedure 30-50 minutes, local - 1 hour or more. After the procedure the patient wash in the shower (35-36 degrees), dried and he rests within 30-40 minutes of the General sand baths spend every other day, 10-15 procedures for the course; local daily, 15-25 procedures for the course.
Sand baths even high temperatures easily transferred patients. Thus there is a uniform warming of the whole body, mechanical action of the sand is of mass nature, squeezing superficial lymphatic and blood vessels. The body temperature rises by 0.3 to 0.8 degrees, the pulse quickens on 10-16 shock, breathing on 5-8 in 1 min. Abundantly released sweat evaporate freely. The procedure is increased metabolic and oxidation processes. Weight loss reaches 800-1000 g in a single procedure.
Sand baths also have analgesic and resolve effect in inflammatory infiltrates.
Indications: lesions of locomotor apparatus, metabolic disorders (mainly fat), neuritis, neuralgia, residual effects of polio, rickets, exudative diathesis. Cm. also Heat treatment.