Uterine rings

uterine rings
Uterine rings: 1 - type Goji; 2 - type Meyer.

Uterine rings (synonym pessaries) - fixtures to hold the position of antivirsee pathologically mobile uterus, and also to correct the omission and the loss of the uterus and vagina. Apply with contraindications for surgical treatment of the above diseases in old age, decompensated heart and others). The most common uterine ring type Goja of plastics and Meyer rubber (Fig). The doctor selects uterine rings in sizes depending on the capacity of the vagina and the size of the cervix of the patient. Women wearing uterine rings must daily douche some weak disinfectant (see Vaginal douching). Monthly uterine ring is removed and is sterilized by boiling; mucous membrane of the vagina examined with the help of mirrors. Before the introduction of uterine rings make a douche. When inlaying (impregnation) salts uterine rings it is replaced with a new one. Contraindications to the introduction of uterine rings.: acute and subacute inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, malignant tumors of the uterus and vagina.