Treatment and prophylaxis of plague

Treatment in all forms of plague conduct antibiotics (streptomycin and other) 500 000-750 000 f E 4-5 times a day. Appoint cardiovascular drugs, vitamins. Recommended anti-plague serum and phage.
Patients urgently isolated and hospitalized; care requires strict mode (see Nursing, infection) and use anti-plague suits. After the change of the whole anti-plague suit directed to the disinfection and the hot wash.
Recovering after the bubonic plague discharged within 1 month. since clinical recovery, and after lung - in 1.5 months. if there three times (every 2 weeks) negative results of bacteriological examinations sputum, material from the pharynx, tonsils. After discharge for reconvalescents under medical surveillance for a Snake. We write from the hospital undergo sanitization and rubbing warm sublimate solution.
Prophylaxis of plague is carried out in two directions: prevention of importation of plague from abroad and disease prevention in natural plague foci. In order to prevent importation of plague from abroad is carried out a complex of measures, envisaged by the rules of sanitary protection of the territory (see). The main activities in natural foci H: include: monitoring of rodents with the purpose of timely detection plague epidemic among them (the study population, the collection of rodents and their bacteriological examination); the extermination of rodents in field stations and in ports, railway stations, etc.; timely identification of possible diseases plague among the people; specific prophylaxis of plague among the population. For this purpose, use live dry the new vaccine. The preparation is introduced once: adults and children over 14 years subcutaneously to 1 ml or cutaneous 3 drops; children from 10 to 14 years old, respectively - 0.5 ml or 3 drops; children from 7 to 10 years, 0.3 ml or 2 drops; children under 7 years only cutaneous 1 drop. Instill in people with 2 years of age. Persons over the age of 60 and women in the first half of pregnancy, and breastfeeding, instill only cutaneous (see Immunization).
The corpses of the dead after opening burned or buried in a separate cemetery. The order of burial of the dead from dangerous infections is regulated by special rules of MH of the USSR.
System of measures in the focus of the sum of the following items. Victims of the plague necessarily hospitalized in a plague hospital, which is deployed in the place of the appearance of diseases. If it is impossible immediate admission to hospital must be sought the possibility of isolation of the patient from the surrounding violence. Specific treatment should be started immediately. Persons who were in contact with patients infected with things corpse, are isolated. Persons who were in contact with a patient with pulmonary plague, individually isolated. For persons exposed to sick, be sure to specific preventive treatment. On the community, which registered a disease quarantine (prohibition of entry and exit) is applied in case if there is no confidence in the identification and isolation of all patients and in contact with them; they have made the observation (see) population (systematic observation of the state of health of inhabitants of the settlement, which had the disease), as well as disinfection (see), disinsection (see) and deratization (see) in the hearth of the disease.