Petroset - inflammation of the rocky part (pars petrosa) of the temporal bone. Most often, petroset is a complication of acute purulent otitis media. For petrosia characterized by severe pain in the temple or the crown, gnetaceae from the appropriate ear, paralysis efferent nerve, decreased corneal reflex with a sore hand, lockjaw or offset the lower jaw to the side. Petroset may be accompanied and more dangerous complications: purulent meningitis, thrombosis , venous sinuses and abscess of the brain. For diagnosis of petrosia important radiography. Surgical treatment (see Mastoidectomy) - special intervention on the part of the medial wall of the pyramid or bone channel of the internal carotid artery. May be a cure itself.

Petrosa (petrositis) - inflammation of the rocky part (pyramid) of the temporal bone (pars petrosa). Petrosa is a complication purulent inflammation of the middle ear, usually acute, and develops mainly at pneumaticians the structure of the pyramid. The infection spreads through cell groups that are located around the osseous labyrinth, and sometimes hematogenous route. Inflammation captures all or alberino part of the pyramid or only its separate parts, in particular the top (petrophytic).
The main symptom of petrosia is long lasting, often interrupted gnetaceae from the ear. But sometimes P. develops when closed perforation in the eardrum, often while pus stands out from the wound after intrometadata. Another group of symptoms (neurological) is related to the proximity of the pyramid to the majority of the cranial nerves. First among these symptoms take pains in the field of branches of the trigeminal nerve is the entire face or forehead, the inside of the eye and the eye (the most characteristic last localization). Often marked and objective symptoms of the trigeminal nerve: Hypo - or areflexia cornea, giperalgesia or decrease sensitivity to the relevant parts of the skin. Can also be observed phenomena killing the motor part of the trigeminal nerve - lockjaw or offset the lower jaw to the side. The second most common neurological symptom when petasite is paralysis efferent nerve (subjectively - vision, an objectively limited mobility eyeball outwards). Significantly less likely to have the defeat of the other cranial nerves. The transition of a purulent process from the pyramid on its surface may cause further complications: from intracranial surfaces - purulent meningitis, thrombosis, venous sinuses and abscess of the brain, with the bottom surface - zapotocny abscess and deep abscess neck. Great value for recognition P.
has x-ray (in particular, the pictures on Stenvers).
Now (thanks to application in cases of hard or long flowing acute inflammation of the middle ear antibiotics) frequency P. decreased dramatically and improved prognosis.
Treatment. With adequate drainage of pus from the bottom of the pyramid petroset may end up with a cure itself. In other cases showing surgery, first of all disposable nature - antrotomy, mastoidectomy (see Mastoiditis) or absherona operation. For closed foci in the pyramid proposed special intervention (penetration from the medial wall of the pyramid or bone channel carotid artery, intracranial path).