Pharmacomania - "disease" serious: what and how to treat?

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The doctor is obliged to be able to allocate the basic parts, upset in this pathology, and assign two or three drugs that have korrigirovanija them. As normalization of these links are back to normal and all the others, violated again. In the body "everything is connected to everything".
As spoke excellent teacher and doctor academician B. E. Votchal, you need to be able to "give as much as you want, but not more than you, find often very narrow passage between the shoals of caution and rocks reckless courage".
Of course, there's always a lot is not as easy as on paper. It's easy to give advice, it is much harder to implement them. A number of subjective reasons declines doctors to polypragmasia.
...Professor during a crawl asks the patient:
- Well, how are you treated?
And hear in response:
- You know, Professor, I'm not doing anything.
When asking is that the patient receives the most needed two or three drugs.
- Well, is this treatment? - continues to disagree with the patient, which the Professor says that the appointment physician quite sufficient.
It is amazing that many people think a good doctor who prescribes them a few different pills, simultaneously assigns injection injects drugs by inhalation, electrophoresis and even enemas. And sometimes it is impossible to resist assertive patient.
Here is another sketch from nature.
Professor advises in the clinic. The doctor shows sick with acute arthritis, mainly to address the issue of what she has rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Swelling of small joints, the propensity to muscle atrophy, morning stiffness - the basis for judgments about rheumatoid arthritis. The Professor says that, given the initial stage, it is necessary to appoint a sufficient dose of aspirin and delagil after dinner.
- Professor, ' said the patient, " I have heard that brufen better.
He explains to her that brufen no better than aspirin and analgin.
- I agree with you, but good all the same, brufen...
Angry at himself, he concedes, in order not to delay the dialogue, for the remaining patients impatiently waiting outside the door. Pulls the recipe says:
- From three to four pills a day, depending on the action.
"Thank you, doctor, " she says and adds: " But tell me, I heard that there is still shots with gold. Is it possible for me to record them?
This medical "astute"! How difficult it is so patient to talk to her care, GP!
- Preparations of gold, " says Professor,is shown not in all cases, and not all. In the initial stage they are optional, and the drug itself is quite expensive.
- Professor, ' said the patient, passing on deaf ears the first part of his phrase, " let the doctor will prescribe me this drug and I'll get him. The price for me means nothing...