Pharmacomania - "disease" serious: what and how to treat?

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It is easy to understand that she had come for a consultation with a determination to get the most scarce and most expensive drugs. And believes that this is the way to quickly get rid of their disease. If it were so!
None academician, none of the most famous scientist could not immediately say that would help in this case. No doctors such criteria! Only treatment that can show. That is why we need a doctor. He must first choose the most tested, well-known medications, to find sufficient individual dose, to monitor the effect and depending on him or continue a course of treatment, or change it. And in many cases, the most critical and the most expensive medicines are not the most effective for a particular person. Moreover, the reckless use of "fashionable" drugs can have serious consequences.
...And one night, the doctor was called to the patient. He looked him: sudden redness and swelling of the skin, swelling of the eyelids, almost muffled to the eyes. On the skin of the forearms and wrists rash in the form of a sharp erythema and hemorrhages. The patient was very feverish.
- What happened?
- Yes rubbed whiskey Vietnamese balm "gold star".
- Why?
Well, it's a balm. He heals.
- And what was your problem?
- To tell the truth, did not hurt.
- Why then rubbed?
- Yes, the whole family were rubbed, and I also decided.
Typical illogical behavior of the person. Feels absolutely healthy, but rubbed ointment because it overseas, fashionable, it now "all smear". Even seriously ill as a result, says: balsam all treats.
Professor L. Naumov vividly describes a rough situation: "having Examined the patient, the doctor thinks: "to Tell the patient that he had a mild disorder of the nervous system that it needs more fresh air, exercise, eat less and everything will soon fall into place? No-no! It means finally dropping his doctor's authority! Assign Valerian drops? Who wants in our time to pass ignoramus!" "So, " said the doctor, " I appoint you a wonderful tools - seduxen and Elenium three times a day and eunoktin at night".
The result of such considerations often pharmacomania, which are very expensive for the patient. Addictive to many drugs with the development of dependence, when a patient can not live without constant pills, hepatic toxicity, ulcerative lesions of the stomach and intestines, complications of the eyes, various allergic manifestations and more often follow an unreasonable polypragmasia.
Moreover, polypragmasia creates certain economic difficulties for the given medical institution. No hospital budgets will not stand, if without any hesitation appoint 10-12 modern medicines each patient. Moreover, the shortage of medications in our drugstores too often a result of pharmacomania some doctors.
The art of medicine consists in the ability to achieve maximum effect in the appointment of a minimum of drugs to choose the least of the many available products, to combine drugs with psychotherapy, diet, physical, kurortnaja and other types of treatment.
In the theory of drug therapy, there are still many unsolved problems. And many of them are associated with the correct understanding of the etiology of the disease, that is, the causes of the disease.
The reason is external or internal? Depending on the answer to this question is based therapeutic tactics and strategy.