Pharmacomania - "disease" serious: what and how to treat?

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In the beginning of XX century Paul Ehrlich proposed the concept of "big sterilizarea therapy" - a huge mechanical construction in chemotherapy,focused pragmatic key to find "magic bullets" to be shot point blank any exogenous enemy. This trend has led to the creation in the 30-ies of sulfonamides, the famous red streptocide. Then began the era of antibiotics." Penicillin was "liquidated" sepsis, one injection - and no gonorrhea. White streptocide "destroyed" the hardest erysipelas for 3-4 days. Intravenous orally as tablets after 16 hours caused the death of the spirochaetes of Obermeier (exciter return of typhus). One tablet of Raskina an hour broke off the attack of tropical malaria.
Tuberculosis has brought to the grave 37-year-old Vissarion Belinsky, 25-year-old Nikolai Alexandrovich Dobrolyubova, 45-year-old Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Lobar pneumonia ended the life of George Byron and Leo Tolstoy... Their lives could save ftivazid or PAS. But, alas, nothing in the Arsenal of medicine of those years. A. P. Chekhov, being ill with tuberculosis, as the doctor was sure that not only in the house, and beside him there was a mould. And did not know, and had no idea this wonderfully wise man that future victory over his disease begins with research Flemming who experimented with mold. Let's specify, in passing, that back in the 70-ies of the last century, Professor of the Military medical Academy A., LECHEBNO studied (and got good results) impact on purulent wounds and ulcers "green mould".
On the concept of ekzogennye worked and "substitution therapy": diabetes is injected insulin, rickets - appointed vitamin D, when anemia patients needed vitamin B12. At deficiency of hormones are prescribed hormones. So the replacement own "legs" came "substitution crutches", with which people can not leave often to the very end of his days. We anticipate legitimate indignation clinicians: so patient with diabetes do not need to enter insulin?! No, all you need it: and insulin, and hormones and vitamins. As the -- as are experiments on genetic "podatkach"that can restore endogenous semiproduction missing biologically active substances in the body. Apparently, this constant "prosthesis" would be more beneficial than a daily changing "crutches". This, in fact, and made two theoretical concepts of medicine: exogenous focused solely on external influence, and autogenic aimed at stimulation of the internal abilities of the body, at its correction in immunological and other gomeostaza.
The possibilities of modern medicine are that it has a "magic bullet", and symptomatic funds. But the future of medicine is connected with the ability to manage internal protective forces of the living, the ability to stimulate them. But this requires a certain worldviews doctor: we cannot allow them took possession of "idol" ekzogennye. However, it is a mistake to do the opposite conclusion - do not consider external factors. Why not ill Max Pettenkofer, drinking tube cholera vibrios? Because he previously drank a glass of water with dissolved soda and the addition of hydrochloric acid. Something similar happened with Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, repeating the experience Meters of Pettenkofer, he only has replaced soda with hydrochloric acid of two glasses of sour milk. They both swallowed death and... don't even get sick.