Pharmacomania - "disease" serious: what and how to treat?

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Another example from the recent past. There was a time when systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), it seemed, had focused all outstanding theoretical problems of modern medicine. SLE is associated with damage to the skin, joints, and many internal organs, human fever, marked lack of energy. What is this strange combination? Where is the reason, where is that "the demon", which causes SLE? ... "Found" - it turned out that SLE may occur from sunbathing and when perniosis skin in the cold, after taking the drugs, often with opposite properties; SLE occur after vaccination and even after the abortion. But only many years later learned that the real cause of SLE is autoaggression immune antibodies that destroy the various cells and tissues of our body. SLE is a disease modified immunological reactivity of the organism.
Gradually emerging new path medicine theory as a theory of the internal mechanisms of immunological reactivity. The immune system is sensitive and reliable protection of the organism from external pathogenic world. This kind of "egoistic" (genetically determined) the specificity of the living. It is known, that immunity is not only aims his weapon against external factors, but also sensitive to changes in the internal environment, as seen on the example of carcinogenesis, systemic lupus erythematosus and other "autologous" own cellular changes. Should any cell "renounce" from her, internally genetically determined Fatherland, as immediately followed "the punishment of treason" - carcinogenic cell is liquidated. In the words of academician of AMS of the USSR R. C. Petrov, the essence of modern immunology is an internal protection against alien external and internal.
Marxist philosophy requires consideration of internal and external interaction: external always specific refracted through internal reactive power of the living. The category has external in medicine two meanings: the external condition of the organism (this is different etiological factors of physical-chemical, biological or social order), and as external manifestation of the internal reaction (symptoms, syndromes and their combinations). The main and decisive contribution to the integral result of interaction of internal and external contribute internal reactive power of the living. If we recognize the external and internal equivalent factors (such point of view in medicine, unfortunately, not uncommon), we inevitably come to eclecticism - theory "and then - and this." C. I. Lenin in the snippet "on the question of dialectics", wrote: "the Condition of knowledge of all processes in the world in their "self-movement"in their spontaneism development, in their living life... At first (metaphysical.- Auth.) concept of motion remains in the shadow of the movement, its motive power, his source, his motive (or this source is transferred outside God, the subject...). At the second (dialectical.- Auth.) the concept main attention is directed exactly to the knowledge of the source of the "self" of the movement. The first concept is dead, pale and dry. Second life".
The viability and prospects of theoretical concepts medicine examines the nature and essence of the living, with the ability to manage living systems. But as alive cannot exist without the influence of the environment, then it is a mistake to think that in speaking of the theoretical concepts of medicine, focused on the internal nature of the living, we ignore prevention (hygienic) sections of medicine. As the ancients said, "to each his own"...